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How do we feel about McCain's "come to Jesus" moment?

Asked by galileogirl (12697points) September 20th, 2008

After a career as a Reagan deregulator, including his statement on Monday that our economy is basically sound, what do you make of his epiphany that Wall Street has to be regulated now because of their greed and mismanagement?

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An 11th hour conversion indeed. I believe it is called political expedience, but I don’t think people will buy that he has really reformed.

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McCain’s statement is so disingenuous. The man is a not very bright politician who rose to the top of a weak lot of candidates. Bush is a dangerous self-righteous prince of good vs. evil. McCain will make our country even more of a laughing stock. This country must really ask, Which candidate and political party have the common sense and intelligence to help us all navigate very troubled waters around the world and at home?

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Could someone please a provide a link to the story that this question is based on?

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I didn’t read it, I saw and heard it There were a series of clips of McCain’s speeches during the week on Countdown on MSNBC. Also I have heard McCain speak several times about being in favor of deregulation. This is also a basic Republican tenet. It is all about smaller government to reduce taxes that pay for the bureaucracy. We can see that as “the cheap ends up expensive” You can’t run the government of 300 million people like it was the PTA, expecting everyone to do the right thing.

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McCain’s evolution during this campaign should make everyone aware that he is sounding more like a democrat than a republican (which is why major republican supporters have given up on him)

The small government philosophy isn’t necessarily related to deregulation as much as it is to the conservative belief that businesses will act admirably and can regulate themselves (and we can all see how that turned out)

I can surely understand the need for more efficient and effective government, but I, like you galileogirl, wonder if the conservative concept of small government is one the size that existed in 1780.

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