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I'm so rarely on anymore - who's still here that I would know from my modding days?

Asked by syz (35804points) November 3rd, 2022

Hey, guys, who’s still here?

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I’m still here! So good to see you again. Hope you stick around. We need new, interesting questions.

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I’m here from 2009 my old handle was TallJasperMan

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Me – as you saw from the other Q. So glad to see you!

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Holy moly, I just went and looked at when I first signed up!

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^^ I think you’re older than I even – on here!

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I’m here and still in North Carolina !

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Welcome home, Sweetie!

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I remember you! Welcome back!

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I remember you! I think it was the only time I got modded…deservedly so. Good to see you again!

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I don’t know you, but am looking forward to the experience! Welcome home!

♪ Getting to kno-o-ow you…♪

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Hi, @syz! I remember you. Come on by now and then, won’t you? or just stick around? We’re a pretty small bunch now, about 100 active participants, but we still get newcomers who fit right in. And we welcome returning old-timers.

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Hello @syz nice to see you again! Don’t love us and leave us.

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Definitely remember you. Welcome back!

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Still here. Hello!

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I don’t know if you remember me from your earlier days, but I do remember one of your quotes (which is one of my favorites):

“Science will fly you to the moon, but religion will fly you into a building.”

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Good to see you! it’s been a minute!

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I’m still here : )

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I can’t say that I remember you.

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Hold on. Let me check. Ummm…yup, I am still here.

Nice to see you!

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I totally remember you.
Welcome back. :)

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I remember your name for sure, but can’t recall conversations.

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I’m here, but I still don’t frequently check Meta. Hi Syz!

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I’m still around from my Rarebear days. Not very active though.

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