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Can pop damage dentures?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21418points) 3 weeks ago

Other than staining them?

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I think that is the main thing staining, from coffee, tea and pop.

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Are you talking about carbonic acid? You can clean a nasty old penny, by simply soaking it in Coke… Another variable is sugar content…

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It’s phosphoric acid in coke.

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No, not if you get the expensive custom one. I can’t speak to the $350 ones.

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Read this the first time and thought “pop” meant “dad”.

(What a weird question. Why would anyone’s father…?”)

Seeing it a second time, I remembered certain regions of the US refer to carbonated beverages as “pop” instead of “soda”.

But in answer to your question…I don’t know…I never wear my dentures.

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@SABOTEUR – I first thought about pop music / pop culture then realized that the OP was talking about soda drinks.

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