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Are Left and Right Twix different?

Asked by amarsoni25 (28points) 4 weeks ago

People state that this is a marketing advertisement, but I can just FEEL some difference. Is it the chocolate, caramel, or cookie? I just can’t tell.

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I don’t eat Twix, so I’ll NEVER know!!!
You’re who the marketing campaign is targeted.

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No, I’m just curious, lol!

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Which end did you open ? ? ? ? ?

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That’s been asked before. Make up your own mind.

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The left one has the break on the right, and the right has the break on the left.


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No idea, but I might just buy one to test it out.

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Yes. There is also a delicate taste difference on the Top Right area. It doesn’t matter which way you hold it. The right top area has a very delicate hint of special flavor.

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Someone is playing twix on you.

I agree with @JLeslie – I may need to do an empirical study.

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@Forever_Free LOL.

That’s sounding like the HVAC company that installed the air conditioning system in my house. When I complained to them my master bedroom is much hotter than the rest of the house and I think it needed two vents because it’s on the southwest corner of the house with windows on both the south and west side of the room, they replied, “usually people complain their front bedroom is hotter.” SMH.

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Twix is a brand of chocolate bar that consists of a cookie center topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. As far as I know, there are no different versions of Twix that are specifically labeled as “Left” or “Right” Twix. However, Twix bars do come in two different variations: “Left Twix” and “Right Twix” refer to the orientation of the cookie center in the chocolate bar. In a “Left Twix” bar, the cookie center is oriented to the left, and in a “Right Twix” bar, the cookie center is oriented to the right. Other than this difference in orientation, both versions of Twix are the same in terms of their ingredients and flavor.

It is difficult to say what the difference is without knowing more information about the specific product you are referring to. It is possible that the difference you are feeling is due to the ingredients in the product, such as the type of chocolate, caramel, or cookie that is used. However, without further information, it is impossible to say for sure what is causing the difference you are feeling.

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^^ spammer?? copier of the internet? bot?

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Of course not! Learn to type fast and to the point, read more buddy!

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Sorry if I’m wrong, but you don’t sound human. And in the question, “How can I motivate myself?” you wrote almost the exact same answer twice in two separate paragraphs. Just sayin’.

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The thought so lay down and decided to publish two options, although they are similar.

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