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What app do you use for your music? Is Spotify better than Apple Music/Youtube music?

Asked by anniela (123points) November 8th, 2022

I’ve been using Apple music for some time, and then also bought Youtube Premium. Now all my friends are using Spotify, and I’m not sure if I should switch.

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I like Pandora the best.

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All my music is stored locally as mp3s, and I still use the good old Winamp.

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I use Apple Music but I have tried Spotify premium. I prefer Apple Music. I haven’t tried any others but I figure they mostly have the same content so it’s really about user interface.

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I may be an oddball. Typically I use pandora and youtube to find music, then I buy it on bandcamp or buy the CD.

I prefer pandora for the algorithm, but most of my friends like spotify. So I end up on there if I want to share playlists with them, or listen to playlists they send to me.

My thought is that this will get the most money to the artist. I’m not sure that this is backed up by facts. :) But it also means I don’t have to deal with DRM (same thing if I bought on iTunes, which I do occasionally.)

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I don’t use music apps, except sometimes a simple media player to play MP3 files.

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I’ve tried a bunch.

I like the interface of Pandora, but never wanted to pay for it. I don’t like the randomness of the free version.

I dislike the interface and design of Spotify, but my daughter prefers it.

I get Amazon Music as part of the Prime membership. The interface is fine but, up until recently, they had a limited library. Plus, not all music was included in the Prime membership. Too complicated.

I landed on and use Apple Music. The interface is good (not great), they have millions of songs/albums in all genres, and I’m deep into the Apple ecosystem anyway. The Siri integration is fairly good. I have the student/educator account for $5.99/mo.

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like @ragingloli I have locally stored music. I also have a family spotify account because my daughter begged for it. It’s ok

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Spotify and Apple Music both have similar-sized libraries; Spotify includes other things, like podcasts, that Apple Music doesn’t. But if you are into lossless audio, Apple Music includes it with its subscription, Spotify requires a more expensive tier (not even sure if it’s available yet).

Personally, I use Qobuz for classical music and I mostly just listen to popular music on YouTube.

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Youtube, I also have a library of local MP3s and a nice collection of vinyl.

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For whatever reason, I got a subscription to Pandora before Spotify existed. They’ve never raised my rate. I pay $4/month, so I have no desire to change it. If I changed, I would get YouTube Music, because I’m deep in the Google ecosystem.

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The age old question. My band and I have music on both platforms.
Apple Music has a deeper collection as their business model actually started the music streaming industry as we know it today.
Spotify roots are from college kids music sharing platform. You originally had to have a .edu email address to even get it. (mid 2000’s)
I’ve had both for countless years.
Apple wins in my opinion from a audio quality perspective and catalog perspective.
Spotify wins with consideration to ease of use, playlist creation/sharing, Weekly Discovery (new music based on what you listen to).
I use both in their highest quality settings that are available. Most ears can’t tell the difference. You can tell a difference with a good set of headphones and specific track.
Apple will cut out more than Spotify when you get into poorer cell zones. Annoying enough for me to prefer Spotify.
There is no way to port playlists from one service to another. So if you are into playlist creation, then you may want to just sit in one camp.
I won’t even touch the religious battles of artists against Spotify for podcast and revenue issues.

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@Forever_Free Are you going to advertise your band here? I’d like to listen.

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Spotify and Youtube.

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I use I heart radio.

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@Pandora You don’t use Pandora?

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Thanks for all the answers! I’ll look into Pandora, ready to pay if it’s worth it. Other than that, I believe I may be good with Apple music :)

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I don’t understand choosing a music service based on what OTHER people use. Can’t wrap my head around it.

What service offers music you like in a format you find appealing?

I pay for SiriusXM and Amazon Prime. I rarely use either as my preferences are so narrow that it’s easier to simply download songs I like to play whenever I want.

I’ve always hated the expectation I should listen to specific genres because “that’s what black people listen to”. I’ll be damned if I allow opinions or trends to distate how I listen to music.

One of the few pleasures of being an independent thinker.

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Wait! @Pandora why don’t you use Pandora. It has the same name as you!

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