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What would be your immediate reaction and assumption if this fictional scenario happens to you?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27833points) 2 months ago from iPhone

A dear friend of yours died and was laid to rest a few days ago. Suddenly one sunny morning, while you’re on the way to work walking on a busy street, you see your dearly departed friend alive, walking towards you smiling and looking very happy.

If you could write your response in the form of a
dialogue like this one below that will be great. Thanks!


Friend : Hi! Don’t be scared.

Me : I’m not scared. But you died.

Friend : Yup. True.

Me : Ok! Yeah! And you’re here. So…wow. Wait…did I pass away in my sleep last night? Heart attack?


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Me: Wow, it’s so good to see you! [tearing up]

Friend: You too . . . [author doesn’t know context to reply from]

As you wrote, there are many possibilities, which would tend to affect the dialog. Could be a dream (I do meet departed people relatively often in my dreams). Could be they faked their death, or are part of a witness protection program. Could be I’m dead too. Could be they have a twin/doppelganger. Could be some other peculiar situation.

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Wait, so he’s ACTUALLY live, not some hallucination or ghost?

Me: What the F*CK!?! How are you not dead!?!

Friend: Oh, yeah. Heh. Funny story, you see….

[and then he would need a DAMN good explanation. Something like ‘the mafia was after me so i faked my death’, except then i’d wonder why he wasn’t on his way to a distant country/state.]

Imho, the appropriate response here is anger/shock. Not happyness that my friend is alive. That comes later after the shock/anger has worn off.

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If I knew for a fact that the funeral took place, like if I were actually at the wake and/or funeral, I’d probably need to walk away and process my thoughts (my confusion, etc.).

If I was not actually present at the wake or funeral, I might think that it was a rumor or a hoax and the person before me (the “deceased”) was just alive and never dead.

I gave this a GQ because sometimes I have wondered what my reaction would be if I heard someone was dead and then I saw them somewhere.

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There would be no dialogue.
I would be running the opposite direction.

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^^Not too friendly! Lol

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Great! Does this mean we have another Easter holiday date to enjoy?

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Me: You look very like someone I once knew.
Friend: I am that person; I just came back for some unfinished business.

Me: But that’s impossible!
Friend: You think. Clearly I am here.

Me: What unfinished business?
Friend: I think you already know.

Me: But that was investigated, and no charges were laid
Friend: We both know what you did.

Me: Leave me or I will call the police.
Friend: (Smiling) You calling the police, now wouldn’t that be ironic?

Me: What have you done with the sun, why is it setting. Why do the clouds burn?
Friend: I have come to take you there

Me: But I didn’t know
Friend: Well you know now.

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Friend: “Kisama no kobushi dato kadi nimo kinanwae!”
Me: “Omae wa mou shindeiru.”
Friend: “Nani?!”
Friend: *explodes

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I would….. call someone.

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close air support

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@flutherother is well on his way to writing a book that I will want to read.

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A couple years ago I had a dream. I heard a noise outside and went to check….and in walked my beautiful Dutchess dog. We had lost her 2 years previously. It was so good to see her again!

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I’d like scream, “WTF!!!”.

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@mazingerz88 Have you never watched the opening scene to a zombie movie?!

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^^Night of the Living Dead remake opening was good. So was the opening of Zack Snyder’s first zombie flick.

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“Are you smiling because you’re happy to be back, or are you just glad to see me?” My side of the conversation is the limit to which I can stretch at the moment. Conjuring words from the mouth of a dead man is (or should be) tricky work.

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Me: Whoa! You faked your death?
Friend: It wasn’t faked.
Me: Are we supposed to play chess now?
Friend: Absolutely not. You always lost, anyway.
Me: Are you mad about the things I said at the service?
Friend: No. I was fine with that. But, seriously… Who picked the music?
Me: I know! During the balloon release, they played SuperFreak! What idiot would think of that?
Friend: The DJ! I was hoping you would help me make sure that wouldn’t happen again.
Me: You want me for wet work? Isn’t that going to give me trouble when I am where you are?
Friend? Nope. He’s all for it!

Long Pause.

Me: We are talking about the same guy, right?

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@mazingerz88 I don’t watch a lot of horror movies. And I have a terrible memory for movies in general. But still remember the opening to Dawn of the Dead.

All the more reason to run the other way!

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