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Can you think of a secondary market that might be interested in buying used and moderately damaged insulated shipping container liners?

Asked by gorillapaws (29150points) 3 weeks ago

We get a bunch of insulated shipping container liners (not identical but pretty close) every year from work. They’re not cheap, seem to be reasonably durable (like a tarp) and have a decent R value I believe. During loading/unloading they get a bit damaged as well as removing them from the container and moving it to where they’re being stored. Whoever wanted to use it would need to either patch it up, or cut out the “good” sections to suit their application.

Any thoughts on what industries or hobbies might be interested in buying these things? I was thinking maybe for greenhouses somehow? shed/garage insulation? or camping? I have to think these are worth a decent amount to someone with the right application. Let me know what you think!

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Since you only get a few of them every year you will be limited as to who might be interested. But you could try contacting small privately owned companies that make goods and/or offer services such as you mentioned.

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I almost bought a farm that had one on the property. He used it as storage space. I don’t think his was insulated though.

It could be converted to living space if it had a window added. Many ways to get creative with a container like that.

What are the dimensions?

Schools maybe could use them if storage is becoming an issue. They tend to have extra land space.

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You could turn them into camping mats.
Or those insulating mats that people put on car windscreens to prevent frost.

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Oh, I misread. It’s just the liners. Sorry about that.

I think they would be great for barns, sheds, and garages. Maybe attics too.

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Actually, shipping containers are a HUGE market over in SC. People use them for tool sheds, storage sheds; & up in the mountains, some are redoing the insides turning them into a tiny home. They add a glass sliding door on one end, several windows to give the appearance of open spaces & they use solar panels for their electricity with a wood stove for heat. Used car lots are turning into shipping container lots. Initially, they tried renting them out, but they were asking too much. Then, some greedy soul decided to sell them & BOOM a new market was born!!! The liners you have there look a bit thin to be effective for much insulation, but you never know what people will latch on to especially when low on funds!!!

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Preppers for sure, and the greenhouse idea absolutely.

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My first thought is that there are a lot of people who would live in them. Around here, there sure would be.

Might be an interesting project to see if you could get the city to buy them for free distribution in the homeless camps.

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They could be cut to size and fastened to the outside of south facing windows during heat waves. They would help keep the house cool and reduce bills for air conditioning. Might be especially useful during power cuts.

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I’m thinking maybe moving companies can take them and cut them up to use as moving blankets.

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Luxurious “tin foil” hats?

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You’ve already identified some good potential second use consumers. It’s just a matter of deciding how much effort you want to put into cleaning & repacking, marketing, and shipping.

I could even model for it.


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I’m thinking outdoor uses…line coolers or tents, for pleasure boats, flooring for camping tents (doubled or tripled), fishing, to sit on at football games. I can come up with hobbies, but not specifics. The people doing those hobbies would probably have ideas that would be perfect for the items. If there was a way to make walls for them (like 1’x1’) or some way to make them stand up, they might be good for outdoor/stray cat homes in the winter. I have a friend who uses those styrofoam containers that they ship frozen meat in for a feral cat community for winter shelters.

Good for you for thinking of repurposing them!

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Someone that deals in livestock bedding.

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Aid organizations for refugees, people living on the streets, victims of war or natural disasters.

Animal rescues – anyone taking in strays in colder climates.

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