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What technology would you like to be streamlined?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) November 11th, 2022

Europe is streamlining computer, laptop and charging cables. I would like to see it included to my country.

I would also like printer ink streamlined as well.

What do you think?
What other changes would you like to be implemented?

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The whole world should switch to Euro Plugs, and 220v power delivery.
Everyone should also use the ISO 216 paper sizes.
They should all switch to metric, period.

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@ragingloli I agree. The world would be a better place. I would like a universal language for speaking and computer programming.

Mathematics seems to be streamlined in the Hundi/Arabic language. That’s why an American can participate in Asian stockmarkets, and purchase food from a vending machine.

I am all for the metric system being accepted world wide. Will cut down on measurements errors in engineering and space travel.

I also think that we should only have one sign language for the deaf.

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Getting on to aeroplanes should be made simpler and faster.

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All electronics should have exchangeable plugs so there’s no need for adapters! I get so mad when I buy something then have to go right back to the store to get an adapter!

All electric plugs should have no right or wrong way; just put the gfc hole on both sides. As it is now, my bathroom outlet is upside down, so I have to plug my hairdryer with its huge bulky plug upside down just so I can use the other plug. This causes unnecessary wear and tear on the cord because it bends down in a U-shape. I have to plug it that way because of the difference in size of the freakin’ prongs!

Also, I have a couple of plugs on items that allow the prongs to be folded in when not in use, which is cool for traveling. But when I plug them in on a strip, they take up half of another socket so it can’t be used. So on a strip with 6 sockets, I may only be able to use 4 of them.
grrrrr I just found out that I do have a pet peeve! electronics!

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