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What do you like on your bagel? (9-20-08, 10:37 pm EST)

Asked by Starburst (259points) September 20th, 2008

toasted or not, sweet or savory, what do you like and how do you like it? Also, if you don’t mind, what state (USA) are you posting from?

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Rye or potato bagel, toasted, with a small amount of regular cream cheese. Lox and capers sometimes.

Los Angeles, CA

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Anything but dates. NY

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@gailcalled and thyme?

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Gail: Oh, yeah? What about pate and lima beans? A-ha!

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cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bagels
tuna salad on plain, whole wheat, or seeded bagels


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To be serious, how about oatmeal and ground flaxseed?

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Everything bagel, toasted, sour cream and chives cream cheese.
Portland, Oregon.

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I like a very, very toasty onion, sesame, or everything bagel with cream cheese. If I trust the establishment, I get lox.


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hailing from virginia:

everything w/ chives sour cream. toasted.

cinnraisin w/plain. toasted.

and french toast bagel w/ hazelnut cream cheese. toasted.

cream cheese always should be applied in the most generous and alarming manner. or else.

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French toast bagel! Good g_d, where does one find that?

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Butter on an egg bagel.

Long Island, New York

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Poppy or plain,

Lox, butter, thin slice of red onion…

Salt bagel.

Herring from the jar with onions and cream,,

I don’t think that my Zeyde and Bubbe had raisin or blueberry bagels back in the shtetl..

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Plain bagel with cream cheese, locks, and tomato.

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Cream cheese with onions or chives

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@Trance24: Locks are the KEY to a good bagel.

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lox, cream cheese, red onion

Cream cheese and jelly

Meat and cheese


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Cream Cheese, and Lox. How about cream cheese, lox, capers, thinly slice onions, and tomatoes. Cheddar cheese and bacon. Parmesan, basil, and thinly slice tomatoes. If I have nothing but butter, then butter will do.
I soooo miss Sunrise Bagels in Vancouver, WA.

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salmon, and cream cheese on a everything bagel.

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Plain bagel, toasted, with generous amount of plain cream cheese. CT

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All of you guys are strange!

Not one of you has complained about the time and date being a part of the question asked, yet you used to rake ME over the coals, for doing the same Gawd-blessed thing…


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JackA: Complain? I just thought it was weird.

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peanut butter on an egg bagel or strawberry cream cheese on an asiago(sp?) cheese bagel.

Houston, Texas

What is lox?

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I’m from Ohio..

I always have a blueberry bagel, toasted, but not too toasted. And just plain Cream Cheese.

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LOX is an abbreviation for Liquid Oxygen

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Specifically at that time? Weird question.

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Is everyone in the US here?

I like trying different kinds of savory cream cheese, anything herby. Peanut butter recently. If it’s not breakfast then the creamy ‘salads’ like tuna or chicken are fun.

Bagels are like healthy donuts!

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mmmmm, Lox(salmon)

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Sesame bagel, toasted, chive or veggie or plain cream cheese.

I’m from upstate NY.

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I enjoy plain light cream cheese on my bagels. I rarely get flavoured stuff (maybe something like Herb and Garlic), and my bagels are usually plain as well (or “Everything”, a name which amuses me). Maybe I should change it up a bit, but I like the basics.

Posting from Canada.

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I’m in Australia and I like a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese, and a toasted blueberry bagel with either cream cheese or butter.

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living in Western MD
(this is weird but yummy)
I like toasting a cinnamon raisin bagel, then dunking it in some fresh orange juice.

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Toasted with whipped chives cream cheese!

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What was your favorite pizza at 6:47 pm on April 8, 1997?

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from NY: Toasted sesame bagel with either butter or cream cheese.

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Toasted, with cream cheese. Onion, sesame, or egg. Add lox for special occasions.

I’m not much of a fan of the sweeter or fruit bagels.

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Bacon, egg and cheese. Plain bagel.
Brooklyn, NY
3–13-1946, 11:41 AM GMT

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My favorites are an egg bagel with Irish Butter or a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese, green onions, black olives and occasionally lox. YUM! I hail from Greenville, NC.

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Irish butter? Is that similar to clotted cream or is that just a richer butter? I am so missing Portland, and Vancouver.

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From Chicago, IL: Everything bagel with plain cream cheese, please.

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Cream cheese only—and, never the flavored crap.

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Jack: am I going to get in trouble for posting the time and date?

11pm EST

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@Megan64 – A French Toast bagel is available at Panera bread.

To answer the question, I am in NE Ohio and I have a few favorites. They all get different toppings:

Sesame bagel with goat cheese and fig preserves (if I don’t have those things, then just butter will work. Butter, too, not margerine.)
Pumpernickel bagel with vegetable cream cheese
French toast bagel with plain cream cheese.

Phooey! Now I want a bagel.

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@tedibear39~ where can we find pumpernickel bagels?

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@mcbealer – I used to get mine at a local grocery store. (Giant Eagle) Unfortunately, other than telling you to try a bakery or deli, which you know to do, I don’t have an answer. And I find bagels to be too labor-intensive to make at home, so I won’t even go there!

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Toasted “everything” with plain cream cheese, lox, and caper berries.

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@tedibear39 and mcbealer I want some fig preserves now! Yum.

I also love Panera Bread asiago cheese bagels plain. (I don’t really think of them as bagels though; they are not like NYC bagels—too soft.)

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1. Smoked Salmon (lox), Scallion Cream Cheese, thinly sliced red onion and thick slices of tomato.

2. Bacon, Egg and Cheese.

Either option on a whole wheat everything bagel. Yum.

Brooklyn, NY.

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I like cream cheese on my bagels. Sometimes plain, sometimes flavored. It’s also good when you put some plain cream cheese and then some jam or jelly on it. Tasty. Bagels are delicious. I love them and when I was in Santa Crux this past weekend my two friends and I basically lived off of them. =)

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smoked salmon or smoked trout with cream cheese and capers

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Many of you have mentioned capers. I think this will be my next thing to try on a bagel!

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Toasted with Philadelphia soft cheese is gooooooood

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Call me conventional, but a toasted bagel (pretty much any kind as long as it’s not sweet) with cream cheese, purple onion, tomato, capers, lox, and a dash of pepper is one of the most perfect foods on the planet.

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First, there is not one decent bagel place in Memphis, TN—does it surprise you?

Sesame bagel a little margerine and lox.

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