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Was this possum playing possum?

Asked by LostInParadise (30429points) 2 months ago

I went for a walk yesterday in a nearby park. There was a possum on the side of the trail. It was motionless but showed no signs of damage. I touched it with my sneaker and it was still soft. I visited the park today and the possum was gone. Is it possible that it had been playing possum? There are no predators in the park. There are some deer, but I don’t think that the deer would frighten it. Might I have frightened it?

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It was just sleeping. :-)

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Well maybe. I thought of another possibility. Some people visit the park with their dogs. Maybe one of the dogs had frightened the possum.

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^^ Very possible.

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That’s how possums play possum. The more scared they become, the more dead they appear!!! Once you walked away, it jumped up & ran away before anybody else could mess with it.

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Of course we can’t say for certain, but I’d wager @LadyMarissa is spot on.

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There may be no predators, but there are certainly scavengers. Even deer eat carrion when hard pressed. A skunk could eat a possum in a single sitting. Just saying. It could be that other thing too.

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