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Crazy idea: Could Ukraine conspire with the West to "declare war" against a Nato country, so that Nato could go into Ukraine without officially attacking Russia?

Asked by ragingloli (52067points) November 15th, 2022

It would go something like this:
Ukraine “declares war” against, for example, Poland (with Poland’s and Nato’s full cooperation).
Maybe send in some token tanks across the border.
Poland then triggers Article 5, and Nato “invades” Ukraine, stationing forces around major cities, protecting infrastructure and population centres from Russian cruise missiles, and lining up on the Belarusian the Russian border currently under Ukrainian control, to prevent an incursion from those directions. This would give Ukrainian forces the ability to focus entirely on the Russian front, without having to worry about being pincered by Russia or Belarus.

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The idea is indeed crazy. Putin would see through the ruse and escalate the war further.

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That seems like a complicated plan with very little point. The countries that make up NATO can send troops into Ukraine right now without declaring war. The US and UK do it all the time. Heck, Russia hasn’t formally ‘declared war’ on Ukraine either. The era when you needed to DECLARE war is really long gone. Major powers just don’t bother anymore.

The thing keeping NATO countries from sending troops is fear of escalation. The thought being that as long as they stay out, Putin will have something to lose should he escalate to nukes for example.

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Russia just fired missiles into Poland. We already have all the justification we need.

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A grain silo as a missile target? What is the usual cause for exploding grain silos?

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Crazier Idea! Declare Ukraine is now part of Florida!!


It could work…

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Putin is alone in his secret bunker stroking a white cat and brooding. Everything depends on his mental health which isn’t good.

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