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Are you Bilingual, Trilingual, ect? If so what language(s)? How well?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) September 20th, 2008

I can personally speak English, Spanish, and some French. I enjoy speaking spanish to my monolingual, english speaking friends. Anyone else?

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Check this out, from a month ago.

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I know, I saw it. I just thought mine was a little different. That’s cool though. I did do a search. I kind of thought that because it’s not something extremely over done (for instance, my election question) it would be alright. At least it didn’t pertain to iPods. Eh?

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English and French.

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English French Spanish 和我说汉语以下 Japanese?

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bkburbo。 我很高兴你会说中文。我学中文学了三年。 可是我没有练习所以我忘记了太多了。
I’m very basically conversational in Chinese, and I can understand quite a bit in Spanish. French, however is beyond me at the moment. I speak to my friends in Chinese sometimes. Part of me hopes they’ll pick it up eventually. haha.

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english sometimes lol ..Japanese, German, Spanish and currently learning Farsi

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@Allure1887 I’m similar, convo Chinese, basic French, and my bestest English. I very much regret not following up with my French after high school (I was in an ‘intensive’ French program).

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I’m fluent (if not always perfect) in English.

When it comes to French, I can speak it well enough that fluent speakers will get my message, and I understand it when it’s spoken to me to the point where I can watch French films without subtitles and get the gist of it. I can generally figure out written French, too. Just don’t ask me to write it. That’s a disaster.

I know a few random words and phrases in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Tagalog, Irish, Welsh, Romanian (which I’d like to learn fluently), Hebrew, Yiddish, and Lenape. And possibly a couple of others that I’m forgetting. These are all just really random bits of knowledge, though. I don’t really know the grammar rules or anything. What I’ve picked up comes mostly from being around people who were born in these places and speak the languages fluently in their homes or on their blogs. Irish, Welsh and Lenape are the exceptions. The Irish and Welsh I know is all in the form of untranslated proverbs, and Lenape is an extinct language, so I had to go out of my way to learn what I know of that.

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English and French, fluent in both :)

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Write and speak both English and Cantonese.

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English, Dutch, French and German. Although I definitely could use some follow-up courses on the last two.

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Native in French, English, and since few times beginning to learn Chinese.

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English and French. I’m fluent in both…lived in Belgium for a year and actually lost my accent while living there. I’m sure it’s back by now though. ;)

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Native Spanish, English, fluent German, some Italian, French and learning Japanese. Can read some more, but not really speak them.

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Native Spanish, English, fluent Italian, very rusty German.

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