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How do you feel about tie-dyed clothes?

Asked by RayaHope (7020points) 2 months ago

My friends say it makes you look like some old 70’s hippy. lol! I like the colors and see nothing wrong with it for around the house or beach and stuff.

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I loved it in the 60s and 70s. Love it now.

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And, c’mon! Some of the nicest people you know are old 70s hippies! :-)

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I think they vary in how well they come out. Some of them can look quite nice and/or interesting.

They do get disparaged by some people (but that’s a way to detect people with those biases, too . . .).

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Even in the 60s I thought it was a little silly.

I was on a swim team in the early 70s, my best friend had a tie dye speedo, my mom said it looked like he had a wet dream wearing them.

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Not my personal style, but I’ve got no hate against it either. I’ve always associated it with stoners, some of whom were my good friends back in the day.

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I like it sometimes. Reminds me of the 70’s. I think I wore some as a kid. I’ve seen it more recently in some stores. Usually near the flared pants, which are also back in style. Everything comes back around again.

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I have several tie dyed T-shirts.

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I like tie dyed clothes if it’s done right. I’ve seen entire dresses that I don’t really like, but a tshirt is nice especially when at a rock concert or maybe craft shows.

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I still wear it, have been for over 30 years. I have always liked vivid colors and my wife and I use making them as an activity when we are watching kids once a year or so. That gives me a steady supply. I’m no stoner.

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@zenvelo ewwww..
I got a pair of those flair bottom jeans, my mom calls them “bell bottoms” She said I should sew a peace sign on them. haha she is so old sckool.

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You need more open minded friends!!! I loved tie-dyed tops back in the 70’s & I was NOT a hippie…I believed in peace & love, but that was just part of my personality & how God made me more than a lifestyle!!! IF you like tie-dyed stuff, that is YOUR choice & you do NOT need the permission of your friends to wear it!!! You seem to be a free thinker, so STOP listening to people who have NO idea of about what they speak!!!

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@LadyMarissa You are so right and I will wear my t-shirt loud and proud! :D

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And I am so PROUD of you for doing so!!! :-)))

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I never wore tie-dye clothes. Too weird and flashy. I didn’t liked them back in the 60’s either when phony hippies were wearing them.
Whatever rattles your cage.

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No strong feelings.

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I would like it more if it was less popular. It’s a neat look. The problem is that SO many people have the same basic thing AND it’s become associated with specific groups such that if I wear one, I feel like it’s a tacit group identification.

It’s like wearing a team shirt or a shirt with a political slogan on it that maybe I think is funny, but doesn’t necessarily reflect my real views. I don’t always want to project that team membership.

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LOVE tie-dye.

When I was in elementary school in the ‘70’s we used to tie-dye clothes in art class.

Now, I just buy tie-dyed clothing, I don’t do the dying myself. I only have a few pieces. A friend of mine posted a photo recently and she was wearing tie-dyed bootleg yoga type pants. I asked her where she bought them, I want them. Unfortunately, they’re from the children’s department in Target. I’m too big for children’s sizes.

I mostly wear solid black, navy, brown, or charcoal. Often I’m monochromatic. Then once in a while I’m all full of color, and tie-dye would be one of the colorful choices I would make on those odd days.

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Bought my last tie dyed shirt in July 2022 from a coffee company in Hawaii.

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Tie-dye reminds me of times when life was more simple, less angry, less hateful. It may not be factual, but it’s what I remember from my teens and 20’s. Peace Love Harmony

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^^My Grandpa told me that one of those old sayings was “Make Love not War” and although I have never made either one, I think I like that. Sounds like they had their priorities straight back then.

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@JLeslie If I’m wearing my tie-dyed t-shirt I’d be Chromatic, especially listening to Chromatica by L.G.

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“When I was in elementary school in the ‘70’s we used to tie-dye clothes in art class.”

@JLeslie: Yes, us too. Must’ve been a popular grade school craft in the 70’s.

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Totally into them.

Just like any other style, at the right time and place they can lift you into a new feeling.

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It’s gorgeous! I love the colors and the free style.

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@cookieman Have they stopped doing it in elementary schools? My New York school had an amazing art class. It wasn’t as good when we moved to Maryland. Music class was vastly different too. I met the art teacher here in a local school in my area in Florida, the school is in a lower tax bracket district. She gets ZERO funds for materials. It’s all through donations and bake sales.

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I have a tie-dyed T-shirt that is perfect for wearing when I go to sleep at night.

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“She gets ZERO funds for materials. It’s all through donations and bake sales.”

I have two friend here in Massachusetts who are K-12 public school art teachers and this is pretty much their situation. It’s so sad.

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I love them with ripped jeans. :D

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@JLeslie: Yup. They teach art in public schools. One teaches K-5 the other 6–12. Basically on a roaring schedule.

They’re supposed to teach a little art history, different media, and techniques, and do hands-on projects — but they have very little budget for any supplies or resources.

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Yeah, what’s wrong with 70’s hippies?!?

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I didn’t say there was anything wrong with them (my grandma & grandpa are) just my friends say that. What do they know? lol

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