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Can one add extra organs to one's body?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) November 20th, 2022

Like an extra kidney?

To get super powers?

Humor welcome.

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Adding an extra organ might help one get more work in porn.

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Apparently it happens naturally: [NSFW]

three breasted woman

two penises

two heads

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I think @filmfann meant “get ahead in porn”..

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Of course you can.
Cannibals do that all the time.

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My mom’s dad had three kidneys from birth.

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I think some kidney transplants the non-functioning kidney is left so technically you end up with three,

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Reading this question, I was thinking happy thoughts, and then…WOW, did these answers sure take a turn? I have enough trouble controlling the parts I have so more parts would be a hindrance I think.

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Speaking of replacing organs -

read this

Repair of the massive organ at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is well underway.

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Did you hear about the nun who chased the priest around the church until she caught him by the organ? sorry, not sorry

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This is out of context. The full episode is better.

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I actually know this guy!
Stelarc’s ear on arm

He was the art director at an international school my family attended..

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Science has figured out how to transplant uteruses uteri?? and someone had a baby that way. Pretty cool!

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What would be better? Two penises or two prostate glands? I’d opt for the glands. More oomph!

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@kritiper and more chances for cancer….

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@Blackwater_Park That’s beside the point. There are so many forms of cancer, so what difference would it make??

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@kritiper like 15% of men will get prostate cancer. Doubling those odds to 30%

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@Blackwater_Park Still not the point.
Perhaps you would opt to not have a prostate at all. That would take all the fun out of sex.

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If I am going to have 2 penises I want one dedicated for waste management and the other for reproduction. I think it is ridiculous that we have a common piece of equipment involved in two different critical functions. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of redundancy? Any good engineer invited to the design review would tell you that you need to split those functions with separate hardware. You’d never see such risky work on a car design. It would be like having the spare tire double as the steering wheel. Or the exhaust pipe also used as a door handle. Sure, you could do it, but why be cheap and compromise performance.
Just go with 2 outlet nozzles and optimize each for its intended function.

@kritiper As you might know I don’t have a prostate. The whole experience feels exactly the same as before – even though I am shooting blanks. All the contractions feel the same as before only I don’t make a mess. There’s something to be said for that.
There is even an advantage: There is virtually no refractory period, i.e, reloading time, between rounds. After an orgasm you are ready to go again in a very short time.

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Why not streamline it a bit more, instead?
Get rid of the anus, and route defecation through the penis as well.

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@Blackwater_Park I think some kidney transplants the non-functioning kidney is left so technically you end up with three

That is the normal procedure. The old bad kidney is left in place. It’s kinda creepy to me.

I’m a kidney donor

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@ragingloli Get rid of the anus, and route defecation through the penis as well

Cloaca – “the common chamber into which the intestinal and urogenital tracts discharge especially in monotreme mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and elasmobranch fishes”

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