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What are some low maintenance, low risk, low size treasure?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21417points) 1 week ago

Compact and micro purchasable ($100 or less at a time)

For anything?
Like NFT, art, gold, real estate, bonds, non-perishable food, books, knowledge, but for less than ($100 a month purchase)

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Yup, silver. If you just buy a single one ounce coin every month or so over time it will add up.

I would also say ammunition but you’re not a gun person.
Not NFTs, stay away from that.

Other things that are hard to come by but valuable like antiques and certain collectables. It’s also fun if it’s something you enjoy.

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Probably not what you were thinking…but, I’d say a good friend!!! They should cost you a LOT less than $100 per month yet on the other side are well worth over a gazillion dollars!!! A true friend is PRICELESS!!!

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The One Ring.

Maintenance: None. Can only be destroyed in one very specific volcano.

Risk: You can turn invisible to escape any risk and it makes you age slowly. Only risk is some LIGHT mind control.

Size: It’s a ring!

Cost: Found for free in a river.

Addendum: Stay away from art or NFTs. Invest with an eye towards value over time. It’s the Warren Buffett approachs. Cryptocurrency, NFTs, art….they’re all speculative assets with nothing backing them up.

Precious metals seems pretty hard to argue against right now given worldwide inflation, but a well diversified portfolio geared towards growth is historically the best performing asset. The art thing is hot right now, but realize that the art industry is LOADED with scams. What is valuable is heavily driven by trends and fads and opinion influencers unless you’re getting super-famous artists’ work, and if you are, then you’re already in a tax bracket where you shouldn’t be asking an anonymous forum for investing advice. And contrary to the story, precious metals are more volatile than it’s advocates like to admit. And you already missed the biggest runup in it.

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You nailed it with bonds. Low reward, but everything else is more volatile and/or scammy. But @Entropy is the most right, that diversification is the best performing strategy over time. If making money had a simple answer, everyone would do it.

As far as intangibles, you don’t get much better ROI than education.

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