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Teenage romance novel topics?

Asked by Allure1887 (32points) September 20th, 2008

So I need some kind of catalyst or event that two young lovers would be somewhat preoccupied with. Said characters go to different schools, but need something that will be important to the two of them, living in the same town. Anyone willing to throw me some ideas?

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Like a natural disaster—a hurricane heading for the town? Or something on a lesser scale, like the rivalry game between their schools?

Or.. a possible pregnancy? That would have them preoccupied!

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A concert would be something they would likely go to. It’s the perfect venue for a chance encounter.

Maybe they have a mutual friend who is in some kind of trouble. Going along with what Ricki said, maybe the girl in the novel goes into a planned parenthood or something like that with her best friend and the boy works there.

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Boy asks How do I jailbreak my iPhone? on Fluther.
Girl answers This question has already been asked.

Boy PMs Girl to apologize for being a lazy moron.
Girl forgives Boy for being retarded.

Their PM exchange gets hot and heavy.
They discover they live in the same town.
Boy and Girl decide to get hot and heavy in person.

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how about they are both volunteers at a hospital… a hospital would open up new story lines and events.

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If you are talking about a way to get two future lovers to meet each other, a good catalyst might be to have the girl in a situation where the boy has to be her rescuer.

This doesn’t have to be any kind of life-or-death deal, of course, but just something as innocuous as:

1. Her kitten is up a tree, and he climbs up and gets it for her.

2. She has locked her keys in her car, and he uses a coat hanger to get inside the car.

3. She has a flat tire, and he changes it for her.

4. She’s walking home carrying too many bags of groceries. She drops them and he offers to help her with them.

5. They happen to be at the same store at the same time, and she doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of her purchases. He makes up the difference for her.

6. Some dude is bothering the girl, so the boy walks over and says, “Everything OK, Sis?” She picks up on that, and she walks away with “her brother.”

7. She steps off a curb and into the path of an oncoming car that she did not see. He is there and grabs her arm, pulling her back to the curb, saving her life.

Perhaps those will give you other ideas, as well. The idea is that it needs to be an incident which makes her want to get to know the boy, a little better, because he did something significant for her, in her life.

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If they are already dating, and you need a conflict/event to move your story along: Young people in both schools go missing; or are being harrassed by the police; the mayor/governor is crooked and only they know about it; the library is banning books; all adults have turned into “stepford parents”.

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You all are wonderful :) thank you so much!!

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When you get your project completed, I would love to read it.

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The town or city has implemented some law that unfairly targets youths. Fines for saggy pants, a curfew, or something like that. Maybe the one hangout is being torn down.

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