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What do you think of "culture" as an excuse for shitty behavior?

Asked by Demosthenes (14464points) 2 days ago

Apparently Qatar is upset at the Western coverage of the World Cup, particularly their abhorrent treatment of migrant workers and LGBT people. They claim that Western criticisms of Qatar are chauvinistic and racist and we shouldn’t “impose our culture” on them. Is this a poor excuse or a valid point?

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There is no excuse for being uncivilized.

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Your “question” imposes your culture just by asking, you call it “shitty behavior”.

I do not in the least condone their treatment of migrant workers, nor do I agree at all with their treatment of LGBTQIA people. But when we consider the American religious right’s treatment of sexual minorities, it becomes a matter of making sure we model proper behavior.

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I saw that statement. It was a hilarious bit of hypocrisy to accuse the west of being bigoted for opposing Qatar’s right to be bigoted. I’m not going to argue that the West is perfect or saintly or anything, but on this Qatar doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

But to your general question – culture and tradition are like alot of things. They’re not inherently good nor bad. I think coming up with general rules will get you in trouble. Islamic fundamentalists treat women and gays TERRIBLY. That’s a part of their faith and their culture. And it’s still wrong. The confederate states fought a war because slavery and domination of blacks by whites was part of their culture.

Saying something is part of your culture doesn’t create a moral ‘get out of jail free’ card. On the other hand, we should generally respect other culture’s traditions and let them live how they like. For example, we shouldn’t prevent a Muslim in the west from praying to Mecca 5 times a day.

But NEVER to the point of excusing people harming other people. If the Aztecs were still around, we should not ‘respect their culture’ to sacrifice people. That’s a cultural practice that SHOULD be disrespected. I dated a Chinese girl once who tried to claim that an authoritarian state was part of their culture. That’s not culture. That’s brainwashing by the authoritarian state, and I don’t feel any impulse to ‘respect’ that viewpoint.

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@zenvelo Yeah? Tough shit. Shitty behavior is shitty. I’m not going to defend treating gay people terribly with “but muh culture”. Cultural relativism is a morally empty philosophy anyway.

@Entropy Agreed on all points.

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I think their culture is diseased.

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Maybe we need to let them host the Olympics and some other significant world sporting events for them to see the error of their ways and legalise homosexuality and stop the exploitation and social murder of migrant workers.

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@Kropotkin That’ll learn ‘em.

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This question is totally pointless and divisive. Everyone is aware of the corruption, there’s no point in piling on.

Western civilians should worry about reigning in their own politicians and corporations first.

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Well, thanks for answering my pointless question anyway. Always appreciate your pointless responses. ;)

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Interesting question. It hits closer to home than you know. How many times have we heard in the USA that we shouldn’t impose our morals or culture on others, that we need to embrace everyone no matter what? The question kind of becomes double edged. Is it okay to force your morals or cultural beliefs on someone else but then not like it if someone does that to you?

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@Entropy I LOVE YOU! Your answer anyway <3 :)

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What about subcultures within the US? Is there any excuse for allowing.a violent subculture to thrive?

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Culture can be an excuse only so far. There is never an excuse for harming others or denying someone equal rights.

Culture is an excuse for things like bowing instead of shaking hands. Small talk before serious talk vs getting right to the serious talk. Having to send an invitation in the mail vs in person. Women walking ahead of men vs behind when in a single file. Those type of things regarding etiquette are cultural and ok we learn those things to make others comfortable.

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@Dutchess_III violent subcultures like BLM or Antifa? I know you were thinking of white supremacists or even Christians, but that is just the point. Who defines “violent”?

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Did you know “Antifa” is shortened for Anti Fascist. as in Anti TRUMP and his right-wing followers ? ?

Show me violence of a Antifa group. Made up stories by fright-wingers of January 6th don’t count.

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@JLeslie Ah, but “equal rights” is a Western concept, so you’re just imposing your colonial Western standards on cultures who don’t believe in equal rights.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but this is the “relativist” argument that I encounter (and what’s interesting to me is that I’ve encountered it from people with completely opposite political beliefs).

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@Demosthenes My dad is a sociologist, ha has a PhD in sociology and taught for a while, and I was constantly made aware of consideration for cultural differences and to not be ethnocentric, and still there is a right and wrong in my opinion.

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@Tropical_Willie Though this one is pitifully sad. They say the right and left wing media calls out Antifa for ganging up on and beating a solo journalist they didn’t like. But then it goes on and tries to claim that radical leftist writers and other social media accounts say it isn’t true. Some proof, eh?

The list goes on. Just because they chose the name Antifa and say it stands for “Anti-Fascist” means nothing. They are every bit as harmless as the brown shirts of Nazi Germany, ganging up on anyone that resists them.

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I missed it where did they they to overthrow the USA Government !

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Quoting right wing media and Opinion / Editorials doesn’t prove your point / opinion !

It is still right wing talking points ! ! !

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@Tropical_Willie You are so predictable. Yapping on about “Prove it!” and when I do, you suddenly yap about anything possible to try avoiding the fact that you were wrong.

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