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Do you risk going to the washroom when you are on hold? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21408points) 3 days ago

Are you lucky?
Do you use mute or hold, and risk being hung up on?

Humor welcome.

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With cordless phones, and cell phones take it with you.

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I’ve been in the restroom when in a phoned in meeting at work. What’s the risk? I can pop in and out of mute anytime I like.

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@Entropy I was on the phone with my ISP (Internet service provider),and I really had to go when on hold. I’m afraid that somewhere is a recording of my business. I forgot to mute and / or hold.

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This is not a problem for me. Good luck.

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I’m usually on my cell. IF they have me on hold, I just go. IF talking with friends, I hit the mute button temporarily & unmute IF I need to respond. We ALL have to go sometime during our day, so I’m NOT overly bashful!!!

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I usually go before making phone calls that might take time. But the cord is long enough to reach if I had to…

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I installed a microphone into my toilet bowl for just that purpose.

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My house was built in 1957. I made technology upgrades over 40 years ago that included phone jacks in the bathrooms.

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