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Do you risk going to the washroom when you are on hold? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23515points) November 24th, 2022

Are you lucky?
Do you use mute or hold, and risk being hung up on?

Humor welcome.

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With cordless phones, and cell phones take it with you.

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I’ve been in the restroom when in a phoned in meeting at work. What’s the risk? I can pop in and out of mute anytime I like.

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@Entropy I was on the phone with my ISP (Internet service provider),and I really had to go when on hold. I’m afraid that somewhere is a recording of my business. I forgot to mute and / or hold.

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This is not a problem for me. Good luck.

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I’m usually on my cell. IF they have me on hold, I just go. IF talking with friends, I hit the mute button temporarily & unmute IF I need to respond. We ALL have to go sometime during our day, so I’m NOT overly bashful!!!

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I usually go before making phone calls that might take time. But the cord is long enough to reach if I had to…

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I installed a microphone into my toilet bowl for just that purpose.

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My house was built in 1957. I made technology upgrades over 40 years ago that included phone jacks in the bathrooms.

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Worst they can hear would be bathroom noises and echos. Used to be you could get away with echos because call quality was so poor. Maybe not nowadays.

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@LuckyGuy Please only use cordless sets in bathrooms if possibility of lightning.

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