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Do you think this is an appropriate thing to teach to a small child?

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Funny. Most kids aren’t stupid. They know it’s a game.

Even my cat knows the difference between play fighting and real fighting.

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The kid is playing and even at that age, perceptive enough to get it’s a game.

Also I think it probably is quite healthy to teach young children about their own potential for physical actions, including fighting.

Though I think you also need to teach kids that they can hurt others, and by experiencing that, not just the power of it, but the negative impact, that they may not really want. And also, very carefully and kindly, that they can be overpowered and hurt too.

I distinctly remember being quite young (4?) and “sword fighting” with my dad. I was a Peter Pan fan at that age, and I tried to do a swashbuckling maneuver of bounding from cushion to cushion on the couch . . . and it didn’t work. I was outmaneuvered and it was clear my dad could overpower me. I was a bit upset about that, and it smashed some of my enthusiasm for swordfighting for a bit . . . but I think that was good to experience, and at a young age.

I had a similar experience playing board games with my dad, including Chess and Tactics II (a tactical wargame), and again, experiencing defeat in combat was a bit crushing and discouraging, but I think valuable. It taught me that fighting and losing would be terrible (or even deadly) in real life, and about helplessness.

But it also made me interested in safety, defensiveness, and effective tactics and escape. And, by the time I was in Kindergarten, it had me defeat gangs of kids trying to “beat up” (young kid version) me and my friends, multiple times. It led to a general awareness and ability to assess and respond seriously to dangerous situations.

I noticed later that most kids through high school, even the best athletes, had little or no understanding of fighting, or how to respond effectively to danger, but I kinda did.

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Since this is in Social, I’ll say sorry, loli, but I never click on a link you post any more.

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^^ I’m with you @janbb By the looks of that link, I’m not clicking either.

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There’s nothing wrong with teaching self defense. I wish someone would have taught me at an early age. Maybe I could have fought back against my rapists when I was 14.

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Teaching a child that young to fight and kick is asking for problems when they get to school. Apparently everyone thinks it is a game, but suppose that child goes to school to play that game with another child who has never seen it? Kicking another child in the knee or in the head is likely going to cause injury. Good job, dad, for teaching your child how to assault others.

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He wasn’t teaching self defense. It was a slave ownr / master situations and the slave (dad) was helpless on the ground.and the owner (kid) was kicking the shit out of him.
So no. I don’t think it’s appropriate thing to teach a small child. Not in this context.

Kid had a hell of a kick tho. Do some sparring instead.

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And to kick people when they’re down and begging for mercy @seawulf575.

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