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Do you generally fear change?

Asked by Demosthenes (14478points) 2 months ago

Whether it’s personal or societal, is change more likely to be something that causes trepidation and anxiety or is it simply something you accept or possibly even something you look forward to?

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I fear change in most situations particularly in personal life – not so much in society if it’s an improvement. I have had a number of traumatic situations in my life, including losing a beloved brother when I was four, and I attribute a lot of my fears to those prior situations.

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I’m the opposite. I will actively go after change in my personal life. It alleviates boredom and stagnation which will happen fast for me. Societal change worries me because sudden, dramatic social changes have pretty big statistical chances of turning bad.

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I am optimistic about change. Change is a two-way street for me. So far the change has been more better than worse and I welcome the future even if I may be a little cautious at times. I try to stay positive and strive for the bright side. Love concurs all. :)

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Change is gonna happen, so why fight it? Better to be part of the change you want to see.

I don’t fear change, but I don’t embrace it either. It’s life, better to make the most of it.

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I love change. I have a whole box of it, and sometimes I like just plunging my hands into it, and let the coins fall through my fingers.

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I should never have left the 1960’s.

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Not fear, but feel anxiety ahead of change.

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Nope. I welcome it.

I enjoy moving my furniture around. I enjoy moving to new places. I enjoy experiencing new things.

I lived in four states my first five years of life (Illinois, California, Arizona. Nevada.) Change is a constant for me. It’s normal.

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Most change personally and socially has been great for me. I see no reason to be against it at all.

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I love change.
Change drives me to the next thing.
Change is inevitable.

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