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Will commercial airplanes around the world stop flying if Russia uses a nuclear weapon in Ukraine?

Asked by annalem2022 (4points) 2 months ago

For how long will air travel be halted?

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Why would they all stop ?

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As the saying goes…They would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.
Russian citizens would be exposed to radioactive fallout from the westerly winds in that region. Moscow could conceivably be exposed as well if the winds moved in a north-easterly direction. A nuke would be a very foolish move on their part.
According to readily available intelligence they have enough missile stocks to to unleash 3 more barrages before they run out. They will likely keep one assault barrage in reserve leaving 2 potential rounds of attacks.
By targeting Ukraine’s civilian power grid they have given de facto permission to Ukraine to target theirs. Things will get much uglier before they get better.

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Here’s an old Russian joke that really demonstrates the way of thinking.

One day a man found a magic lamp on the sea shore. He rubbed it and a genie came out offering one wish.
“Anything you request will be granted but understand this condition – your neighbor will be given twice what you requested. Think about this and decide before you sleep tonight.”
The next morning, the Russian awoke – blind in one eye.

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^^ The next morning the Russian awoke and said to the genie, “Beat me half to death!”

To answer the question. I think we will all be headed into WWIII.

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Commercial flights stopped in the US on Sept. 11, 2001. I don’t recall if other countries followed suit. It was freaky, knowing that aircraft flying (loudly) over Los Angeles were all military jets. I assume they were supposed to reassure us. Or they were just trying to be noticeable when nobody knew what to do.

Back to the topic, if a nuke were exploded in Ukraine, I imagine (this is guessing) flights in Europe would stop and elsewhere they would continue. Flights would continue some time after the size and extent of the detonation were determined.

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Is this assuming the nuke would be carried by a commercial air liner??

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I wouldn’t consider flying to Moscow, or anywhere in Russia which would have sections in ashes from conventional warheads hitting it and Russian Military bases.

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If commercial flights continued if Russia use a tactical nuclear weapon (TNW) on Ukraine I would sure as heck not get on one

However, I do believe the question is academic because if Russia used just one TNW It is extremely likely that we can kiss goodbye to the vast majority of life on this planet, including human because the majority of the rest of the world would launch a nuclear attack on Russia and off course Russia would retaliate.

This would be the beginning of the end for the world so we would not need to worry about global warming anymore.

If Putin can’t get it into his thick head that any form of nuclear attack on Ukraine or any other country would result in WW3 and Russia like virtually all other countries would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Any sane leader would never resort needlessly to nuclear weapons, but I am afraid that Putin is the one person in this world who quite possible would not care.

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Commercial airlines are more worried about areas with anti-aircraft missiles flying around. Many commercial flights have been shot down while flying in zones near military conflicts.

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