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Are all the "Medicare" phone calls spam and scam?

Asked by Jeruba (53807points) 2 months ago

I routinely hang up on any caller who says “I’m with Medicare benefits” or something similar. Are any of these calls genuine? Does Medicare do this, and should I listen?

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It’s re-enrollment time so they are trying to sell you Medicare supplement policies or Medicare advantage policies. At least some of them are genuine sales calls, not scams, but I still would not take their calls. Medicare itself does not call. If you have questions about re-enrolling for your Part D drug coverage, you should find a financial planner who can advise you.

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Pretty much anything calling you from Medicare is a SCAM!!! If you don’t initiate the call, you have NO way of knowing who is actually calling you. I signed up at for electronic notification. IF they need to contact me, they will send me a notification so I can call them. From Oct 15 through Dec 07 is the annual enrollment period & there are a TON of companies trying to grab your business. They might not be a SCAM; however, they are most likely SPAM!!! I’ve been on Medicare since 2008 & they’ve NEVER initiated a call to me. The one time that I called them & the girl didn’t know the answer, she gave me her name & the name of the person who would be calling me back.

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I just tell them I’m 17 and that kinda shuts them down right now. haha

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Lots of insurance companies are trying to sign up new accounts for a Medicare Advantage plan. Want more true and accurate information? Contact your state Dept. of Health and Welfare and ask them about it.
In the back of your (If you have one) “Medicare & You 2023” book there are numbers you can call.

They are not ALL spam and scam!

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When it comes time to sign up for Medicare, they will not call you unless you reach out first and set up an appointment call.

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I honestly trust nothing from an unknown caller. Always assume scam

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Whatever you do, don’t give them your Medicare ID.

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No, Medicare doesn’t call you. This is open enrollment for Medicare recipients and the competition and advertising is irritating BS full of distortion and misrepresentations. I do not answer any call for which I don’t recognize the number. People must speak on the answer machine and ID themselves before I answer. That’s when I’m at my desk and can hear the machine. Otherwise, I return calls if the caller was legit and left a message and number.

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I’ve been with Medicare for several years now, long enough to understand that there is nothing Medicare offers that is beneficial for me. Medicare is a scam, and so are those phone calls. Some are “legitimate”, and some are not, but what it boils down to is that scammers of Medicare are scammers of a scam. It doesn’t get weirder than that.

To top it off, I am required by law to participate, or lose even more money by not participating.

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@snowberry Boy – I feel totally opposite to you. I am delighted with Medicare. I had a broken ankle and surgery, follow up PT and home help from Medicare. The bill for the surgery alone was $14,000 and I did not pay a penny out of pocket. I also had PT at a facility for 6 months and again nothing out of pocket.

I’ll take “socialized” medicine any day of the week!

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@janbb that is the supplemental Insurance from i.e. Humana, Blue Cross or others with Medicare that that help zero out the bill.

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@Tropical_Willie Do you think I don’t know that?

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NO I think you know that @janbb ! But others don’t ! ! ! Some think Medicare should make all medical cost zero like “single payer healthcare” !

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^^ Got it.

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