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Have you ever been told..? "Quiet, adults are speaking!"?

Asked by RayaHope (6805points) 2 months ago

How did that make you feel?

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Sure! Made me feel inconsequential.

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No, but many times I was told that I needed to be quiet because <name of other person> was speaking.

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I was told that I talk too much and was punished severely for even talking quietly when told to be quiet. Felt confused.

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Not since I was 10.

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We were taught manners as children. Interrupting people, particularly adults, was not polite. That courtesy remains unchanged.

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This girl, about my age, was on her phone in a checkout line in a store and she wasn’t talking very loud. A man in front of her told her that and I just thought he was being very rude and disrespectful. I felt bad and embarrassed for her and wanted to say something but thought it may embarrass her more so I didn’t. Now I wish I did.

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@RayaHope: She was on the phone and the man told her “be quiet, aduilts are speaking?”

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Yeah, I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t even loud.

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