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Do you like the smell of a puppy’s breath?

Asked by gondwanalon (21832points) 2 months ago

So many people rave about how wonderful the smell of a puppy dog’s breath is.

Am I the only one one on this planet that is revolted by puppy’s breath. Makes me start gagging uncontrollably. Puppy’s breath is absolutely toxic to me. When ever I hold a puppy I’ve learned the hard way to point the head and mouth away from me. I don’t want to even catch the slightest whiff of the awful fumes emitting from a puppy’s oral orifice.

What say you?

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Oh GOD NO. All animals have bad breath. My cats’ breath isn’t something you want to smell, but fortunately, Cats are dainty little things and don’t breathe on you heavy. Dogs on the other hand seem to think their breath is delightful and you should want it…and it’s AWFUL. I have not noticed any great improvement with a puppy vs an adult dog.

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No real experience here but I’m going with no.

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Love it. All the puppies I’ve had have never had offensive breath. The full grown dogs tend to have pterodactyl breath, but not the puppies.

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I hope some people don’t take offense to this because I’m not a dog hater at all but I do not care for the smell of dogs at all, young or old. I even would like to get a dog but they do smell very bad to me. :(

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Puppy breath meaning the smell of a very young dog, up to 12 weeks or so? Yes. It has that smoky quality that’s just unusual, and once you’ve raised a puppy, it will always remind you of that lovely time.

Adult dogs’ breath can smell awful or neutral. I wouldn’t seek it out, but my own dogs smell fine because they’re on a healthy diet and get their teeth brushed occasionally.

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Nope. It’s just less disgusting. This is stupid people getting off on the idea of dogs, not genuine opinion.

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Oooh, so snide! Points to you on this holiday weekend, @Smashley, for being so smug.

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From what I remember NO!!!

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