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Over the counter allergy meds?

Asked by Entropy (3026points) 2 months ago

I have moderate seasonal allergies. Tree pollen is definitely one of my things, but more annoyingly, I seem to react when the temp/humidity drops. Where I live, the last few weeks have seen autumn finally kick in and we’ve had a cold snap…and my face is running like a broken faucet.

Prescription nasal sprays give me bloody noses. Prescription allergy meds and even over the counter Zyrtec put me to sleep. Does anyone have any over the counter allergy meds that they swear by that don’t have some debilitating side effect?

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Advil for Colds and Allergies helps me and doesn’t put me to sleep.

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I am not bothered by seasonal changes but the two people in my life who are use Claritin Non-drowsy.

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Allegra, Claritin is not strong enough. Allegra is non-drowsy and can be used long-term where Zyrtec has cardiac risks over time. Source: my allergist.

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Every other OTC allergy med makes me loopy.

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