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Have you ever witnessed a neighbor walking naked in their house because their curtains were open?

Asked by Jonsblond (7710points) 2 months ago from iPhone

What was your reaction?
Would you say something to that neighbor?

Humor is welcome.

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There is a curve on the freeway running through San Francisco linking 280 North to 101 South. Some 20 years back, I was having breakfast one early morning in my usual diner. The early morning crew from a tow truck company hung out there, and we were all in the habit of gossiping through breakfast. The topic came up of an apartment building with a particular apartment with 2 huge windows level with the curve and visible for virtually the full extent of the turn. Anyway, the entire bunch tried to convince me that there was a woman who paraded around that apartment without a stitch day & night. I said “bullshit” because I was on that curve frequently as a matter of course, and had NEVER seen such a thing. Within 2 days, the wife and I were approaching the curve, when I remembered the legend. The curve was coming up fast, and I yelled “look at the apartment building!” The wife jolted while
scolding me, but I wasn’t paying attention, because sure enough there was the building with every window draped or blinded—except two gaping floor to ceiling windows side by side dead center of the building and level with the freeway. The wife was nagging “watch the road”, and I shifted my gaze to the freeway, as the windows slid away her neck swiveled to follow as she scolded “what are you loo..” and stopped mid word. I had missed the show, but she had a glimpse of something she couldn’t convince herself she’d seen. I told her the breakfast gossip, and neither of us ever hit that curve again without giving those windows our attention. We saw the woman on parade frequently over a period of at least 3 years, and eagerly referred the exhibit to any passengers along for the ride. Then one sad day, the blinds arrived, and another San Francisco tradition disappeared.

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^What a story to end my night. Thank you! :)

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Naked, no, but the neighbor to one side has a lighted hallway in direct line of sight of my bathroom window. He walks around at night in his undershorts, and if my window is open I can see him.

He is not a pretty sight, so I don’ t linger when he comes into view.

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Yes I have. More than once. In some states, being in your home or trespass on the part of a plaintiff is no longer a defense to a criminal prosecution nor a lawsuit if a minor gets a glimpse. Close those blinds. Even in the daylight hours, stay away from uncovered windows.

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Geez, glad you guys aren’t my neighbors, you peepers! :-P

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What prompted this question was a moment my youngest son had with his father. It was a warmish night for late November in Wisconsin. We live about two miles from Camp Randall where the Badgers were playing the Minnesota Gophers for Paul Bunyan’s axe. We live on a street that receives all the traffic heading east out of town. My son and his dad decided to sit on the deck and watch the traffic leave Camp Randall.

My son came inside and told me he was uncomfortable. A person in the home across the street with a feminine body was walking naked across her room several times. The curtains were open. He was disturbed because we just watched the movie The Witch the night before and he said the person reminded him of the character. Lol

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