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Are teachers curious about how their students turned out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) November 30th, 2022

The quiet kid?
The class clown?
The bully?
The honor student?

Humor welcome.

I’m still turning out.

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Thank you Mrs. Butler where ever you may be.

I bet that my grade school teachers (kindergarten through 4th grade) thought I’d turn out to be a bum or an illiterate laborer. I was lazy and ignored most of what was being taught. Flunked 2nd grade and didn’t learn anything the second year of grade 2. I finally woke up in the fourth grade when the teacher (Mrs Butler) refused to accept any of my nonsense. She made me come in early each day to lean how to read. I’m no great success story but I’m sure that they would be shocked at how well I’ve done. Had a challenge career, made good decisions and made it to the upper middle class.

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My high school math teacher, she knows how I turned out. Met her at several reunions. She was always invited by the reunion committee. She had one of my sons for one year.

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My uncle taught high school chemistry. He said that the students he remembered were the really good ones and the really bad ones. He found out that Robert Redford was in one of his classes, but had no recollection of him.

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