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How much lurve did you get?

Asked by asmonet (21350points) September 21st, 2008

How much lurve did you get on your first active day? Today was my first day and this is my first question. I’m up to 55! Kinda makes me want to get up and do more tomorrow. And by kinda I mean totally. I dunno if that’s impressive or not, but I’m tickled pink! :D

(woo! first post of the day. :D)

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Hmm, I didn’t get too much on my first day. I didn’t really participate too much until about two or three months in, actually.

Which is strange, because now I barely take a break from this place. ;)

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According to the lurveometer, I got 6 points (including the 1+ you get for joining.) I believe my first question was helping someone find a J&B Commercial on YouTube. Oh the memories. I had just joined after I read a post on one of those Web 2.0 site blogs (Webware maybe?) about Fluther that I found on Digg…

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When I first got here Lurve was not so easy to come by. More people, more lurve. I remember 1500 as being a high count. I also remember Jack Adams being zero lurve just a few weeks ago.

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I had no idea what lurve was until i read this question.

So, seeing as I answered a few questions, I guess i’ll go to sleep and see what I can get!

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@asmonet That’s how addiction starts; I should know!

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@Marina: Two days in and look at me! I’m hooked!

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