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Is there a difference between American chicken and European chicken?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32136points) 1 month ago

In terms of what is used for food.

Are American chickens grown to supply more white meat, and European dark meat?

What’s the difference, if any?

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I know they are “Cornish” broiler chickens here in the states. They’re so specialized for meat that they cannot breed anymore without human intervention.

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I would suspect the chemical and artificial hormone load allowed in our chickens is not permitted in Europe. I know there is an insidious effort on the part of our meat and poultry producers to degrade European standards to our levels as a matter of “fair trade”.

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One difference is that the Americans inject their chicken with chlorine but the Europeans don’t/.

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The way some American chicken is farmed and prepared for eating was banned in the European Union in 1997.

For example, there aren’t the same rules in America around how many birds can be kept together. This means that sometimes they can be kept in cramped conditions which can be dirty..

To avoid infection a process called ‘chlorine-washing’ is used to clean their bodies. The chicken is washed in chlorine and other disinfectants to remove harmful bacteria.

Experts don’t believe the chlorine wash in itself is harmful. But some worry that washing meat with chlorine at the end allows poorer hygiene elsewhere in the production process.

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@Poseidon They’re not injected with chlorine. They’re injected with salt water. They’re sprayed in a chlorine solution after being killed.

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European, or at least, French chickens have flavor; American chickens do not.

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