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What are some famous oops moments for leaders?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24190points) December 1st, 2022

Like one of the Caesars who crapped himself?
Or George Bush senior who hurled in China?
Or Castro and Gerald Ford tripping?

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Bush barfed in Japan.

Boris Yeltsin, while standing at the news microphones with Clinton, repeatedly farted. Clinton, laughing his ass off, asked the media to make sure they got the attribution right.

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Now, with microphones and cameras everywhere, we’ll here about more of these fun stories. They have probably always gone on, but nobody knew because the press kept mum or just didn’t know.

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Putin invading Ukraine.

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Hitler invading the Soviet Union.

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It is still debated whether Kennedy said “I am a Jelly Doughnut” to a Berlin audience in the 60s. The term ‘Berliner’ is sort of a dual meaning word with some claiming that the ein in the famous sentence implies the Jelly Doughnut version, while others say that while dropping ein is more common, it’s not improper to be there when coupled with saying you’re of Berlin. I’ve seen different people absolutely insisting in either direction. I don’t speak German, and I’m pretty sure that regardless the audience knew what he meant. But whichever side you take, it’s a very famous one.

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It’s been debunked @Entropy.
All he said was “Ich bin ein Berliner.” I don’t even speak German and I can read it for what it is.
According to the source above the “jelly donut” rumor didn’t spring up until years after his death.

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The infamous taped phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, where they were doing “sexxxy talk.”

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Oh my. Never heard of that @jca2.

How about Walker’s infamous “erection” when he meant “election.”

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@Dutchess_III It was in the early to mid 1990s, I believe right after Charles and Diana just separated. The call was taped and sold to a British tabloid. It was a huge scandal at the time, because of course the British royal family is supposed to be dignified and it wasn’t too dignified.

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Neil Kinnock, the Labour Party leader, falling in the water

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@filmfann – the Japanese created the expression “Bushushuru” (to do a Bush) because of that. Usually uttered when someone drinks too much and throws up.

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The Dutch Prime Minister holding a press conference telling the Dutch people not to shake hands-then turning to the person next to them and shaking their hand.

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Every single breath of Donald Tump

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Emperor Caligula of Rome, who planned an invasion of Britain, but instead ordered his Legions to walk up and down a beach all day, picking up seashells and putting them in their helmets. Dude wasn’t all there, obviously.

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And Winston Churchills response to a hoitsy toitsy lady, who once confronted him about being intoxicated at a function. He replied, “I am indeed drunk madam. And you are ugly. However, I shall be sober in the morning. But you will still be ugly”.

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