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Are you being good to yourself?

Asked by RayaHope (6766points) 1 month ago

A message from Journey :)

been listening to far too many old music videos lately…lol

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If we’re talking about ‘self care’, I’ve always been terrible at it. For years, everyone else comes first and my needs were a distant second because, as my mother drilled into me, I’m a ‘worthless piece of shit.’ I thought I only had value if I was sacrificing for someone else and constantly being productive.

I’m much better at it now than ever, but it took years of practice and I still backslide often.

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^^ I hear you, and sympathize. I don’t know you personally, but I think your mother was the one who was a worthless piece of shit. You seem wonderful and kind and compassionate.

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@cookieman Oh my god, you must be my long lost brother!!

I am learning to be good to myself, it’s late in the game to start, but it’s fairly satisfying.

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(shocked & dumbfounded) I was reading your comment and it was fine until I got to your mother part…@cookieman…I am so sorry to hear this. You are such a kind and wonderful man. God I don’t know what to say but she was obviously so wrong and oblivious to who you really are. Can I cry on your shoulder while I give you a big {{HUG}}?

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@canidmajor: ((HUGS)) brother from another but perhaps equally as fucked up mother.

@smudges and @RayaHope: Thank you and ((GROUP HUG))

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Yes and no.

I’m trying to have fun every day, which luckily where I live I have a lot of opportunities to do that.

Where I’m screwing up is I’m not taking well enough care of my physical health. I need to lose 20 pounds, I need to stop eating heart clogging food, and I need to go to some doctors to address things going wrong in my body.

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Tryin’ to.

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I’m working on getting in better shape and starting to very slowly get rid of my junk.
That’s what I need right now.

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@JLeslie @LuckyGuy You only have one body so you have to take care of it! Getting in shape should be paramount and everything else is much easier and better.

@ragingloli I don’t even know what that is but I am so relieved it wasn’t something else.

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I do not wait for christmas to order “something else”.

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I’m trying to . . . and considering taking a break from looking at screens . . .

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I strongly believe that I am going to live to or past 100 and be healthy and happy, so yes, I am.

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@YARNLADY: I truly hope you do.

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@YARNLADY I second that belief!

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@YARNLADY I hope you started your Social Security at 70! :-)

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I got my SS at 65, but My husband worked until he was 70 and now I get half of what he gets.

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Do you get half of what he gets in addition to yours @YARNLADY?

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nevermind…was going to answer but should let her.

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Please do answer @smudges. As far as I know her husband is very much alive so how would she qualify to get half of his SS?

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As I understood it from when I started taking SS, I could take either half of my Ex’s SS or all of mine. I decided to take half of his and leave mine to grow until I was 70 and then I had to choose and switched over to taking all of mine at that point. The laws may have changed though and your best bet is to talk to someone at SS. I found them very helpful when I made an appointment and went in.

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Thanks Janbb.

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@Dutchess_III I only get half of his, not both, sorry for the confusion.

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Ok, glad I didn’t answer. Would have been wrong.

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