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Would you take an Alzheimer's drug if the side effect is brain swelling?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (22413points) 2 months ago

There is a new drug in the works that clears the plaque from the brain.
The side effect is brain swelling. There is no guarantee that it cures Alzheimer’s. It might just stop the progress of the disease.

Can you tell us more about the treatment?

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Just by what you have stated, no I would not. Brain swelling can be a much quicker death sentence.

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I mean….it depends. Alot of times the listed side effects of drugs are rare and sometimes even nonexistant. During FDA testing, if a patient develops a medical problem, even if there’s no rational connection, the company will have to declare it as a side effect of the drug unless they go through alot of additional time and expense to disprove the connection. And since every minute the drug isn’t on the market, they’re losing revenue, they often just suck it up.

So with this particular drug…is brain swelling a common symptom? Did ONE guy in the trial have it? I trust my doctor to read up about that stuff. I probably shouldn’t given how doctors often are influenced by pharmaceutical salesmen…but I certainly haven’t the time nor expertise to parse those details. Doctors are neither incorruptible nor infallible, but they are, on average, in a better position to judge this stuff than I am.

Alzheimer’s is a BRUTAL disease. Losing yourself and the pain it causes your family. I’d rather go quick. So I’d probably take the chance.

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