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Has anybody around here seen Netflix's The Wonder and, if so, would you like to comment on it?

Asked by Jeruba (53613points) 1 month ago

Please label spoilers.

I found it haunting and memorable, dwelling as it does on some deep questions while exploring a painful sacrifice that may or may not be producing a miracle. The acting by the principals is powerful and compelling.

Some reviews:

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a look

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I’m sold

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I’m definitely going to watch it.

On the same site where I read about it, they listed “others like this”. One was “Alias Grace”, a limited series which was very good.

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It was superb in all respects. It’s one of those films you’ll find yourself turning over in your head when you least expect it. It’s a visually sumptuous thing to take in—those shots of that isolated hard scrabble house adrift in that ocean of bog. And a plot that absolutely grabs you. The single flaw I found is in the resolution of that plot to which I insist “she’d never get away with it”.

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I loved the underlying theme of stories and how they shape our lives; especially, the end and how she was able to save the girl by giving her a new story.

Florence Pugh is amazing in everything she does.

Religion is stupid.

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^^ Well shit…spoiler alert, too late.

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Shit. Sorry. I read that OP was saying that there would be spoilers in the thread. : /

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^^ LOL too funny. No problem @tinyfaery. I understand now.

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