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If you were to sell any one type of product what would you choose?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21603points) 1 month ago

Does not have to be food.
Does not have to have a brick and mortar store.

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Books, of course!

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Aside from the obvious answer of books, I have been toying with the idea of selling hand-made crafts. I’m not sure how I would go about that.

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Some sort of clothing I guess. I discovered a great vendor for split slips. So hard to find them in stores. I thought about trying to sell them.

Interesting two jellies already said books. That was my dad’s dream, and he did it for a good fifteen years after he retired from his government job. He loved it. He made really good money initially.

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Would architectural plans count? Or is that a service and not a product?

My grandparents owned a bookstore. Can a love of books be genetic? :)

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Portable personal shield generators, marketed directly to people of colour.

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My body.
My soul.
Tree fiddy.

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Jewelry. I make jewelry and sell it at craft shows.

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I would love to make real meals for a few busy families (nothing instant or processed), and food prep healthy snacks/freezer meals for them. I love to cook and bake.

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@ragingloli – I have worked with Kevlar before, so…

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Fun ski hats.

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Accounting and tax services. I’ve done so for many, many years.

Ughh…what a tedious bore I am!

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Sell steaks at a steakhouse. Fresh salad serve yourself.

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I’d sell the ArcAngel sump pump battery backup system.
You plug your existing sump pump into the ArcAngel box and plug the box into your electrical outlet. Two leads attach to a large battery. Simple. No plumping required.
When you have power, the battery is kept fully charged and the sump pump works normally. When you lose power the device instantly switches over to battery power so you don’t need to start a generator. Depending upon how much your sump pump runs normally you can get days or even weeks of operation if there is a power outage.

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