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Why do people think Polka music comes from Poland?

Asked by seVen (3475points) September 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m Polish and I hate it when people say to me that Polka is from Poland, it’s not, it actually comes from former Czechoslovakia. Polonaise is polish and Mazurka but not Polka.

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My only guess would be is they are uneducated and they see things in movies and listen to other uneducated people who don’t know the facts, and think it’s all true.

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Cześć, seVen!

Actually, the Polka originated in Bohemia.

The Wikipedia says, quoting verbatim, “Polka is still a very common folkmusic genre in Poland.”

Maybe that explains how those outside of Poland might come to the erroneous conclusion that it is Poland’s “national dance,” when it is not.

Forgive those who are ignorant, and just help to educate them, about a wonderful group of people, from an equally wonderful nation.

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I always thought it came from Milwaukee. Check out this vid from one of my fave places, Art’s Concertina Bar

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The only reason I did was this

Pol ka

Pol ish

I am just no good at that stuff. But I love polka dancing because it is about the only kind I can get away with so I wouldn’t take it as an insult if I were you seVen

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I’ve never thought that. Then again, I’m part Czech. :)

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I argue this one, too. But people never listen and it’s not worth getting worked up about. Choose your battles. I’m surprised more Czech people aren’t fighting for the right to claim it and not give the Poles all the credit, don’t you agree??

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