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If you can fix or change one thing in yourself what would it be?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21602points) 1 month ago

Will It make everything better?
Or will you still need more charges?

Like health, education, or wealth?

How much do you need to change to be ok?

Any answer welcome.
Feel free to share your experiences.

How much wealth, or whatever, is the perfect amount to be ok? Or is nothing enough?

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I should be more tolerant. But then I would almost certainly be broke, and bitterly intolerant. I’ll settle for the present state of comfortably intolerable. So what?

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I’ll refrain from stating the obvious that I have already stated before about my health issues. I would like to be much more confident and assertive. IRL I am intimidated by the opposite sex and the unnerving situations that can come from that. I am torn between curiosity, strange feelings and being just plane scared to death. I think I said enough.

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Have less anxiety in new situations.

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I wish I was less anxious about doing things by myself. I’m missing out on SO much living in my life. I’d have more energy. ok, that’s 2 things

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I wish I could grow hair, I’ve getting bald since 6th grade.

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I’d probably be a little less handsome to not intimidate people so much.

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^^ LOL!! modest.

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I’d get my nose fixed.

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@RayaHope You laugh, but it’s a genuine problem.

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@Kropotkin Your modesty or your dazzling good looks? Is the rag mop beard an attempt to spare us the consequences of blinding intimidation?

Kropotkin's avatar

I do look exactly like the long dead Russian anarchist, Prince Peter Kropotkin.

HP's avatar

Indeed? Your avatar is the duplicate likeness from the cover of my copy of “The Conquest of Bread”. Now about this handsome business: In view of the picture, what’s the problem? Is it that you are confused for the anarchist himself? It seems you would have to habitually frequent someplace truly obscure for this to occur.

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Well @Kropotkin maybe if I was a little older…

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