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How big a deal is cracked basement wall?

Asked by Answerman (16points) September 21st, 2008

I have a three week old home and last night I heard a few very loud banging noises (sounded like rebar snapping) and today there is a 1/4” crack in the poured basement wall. How common and how big a deal is this? Should I allow the builder (NVR, Ryan Homes) to repair it or insist on a third party? The interior of the basement is finished and I can’t tell how bad the damage is inside.

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I would getit definietly checked because if you get a leak you could well destry alot of stuff

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I agree. DEFIANTLY get that checked out. Better safe than sorry.

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Defanettily agree with both opinions ^^/

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Especially seeing as you have a finished basement, i wouldn’t want to see anything ruined.

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I would have a home inspector check it out along with the rest of the house. Then make the original builder repair it. If you have more problems you don’t want the builder blaming someone else should you need to pursue legal action.

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