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Mac Speakers Broke?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 21st, 2008

My Mac Speakers just made a couple of odd nosies. And now… won’t work? Anyone. Very sudden also.

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What kind of Mac, what kind of speakers? Are they the internal speakers on an iMac or something, or external speakers? Anything else odd? Did your power flicker or anything? Is your volume turned up? If they are external speakers are they still getting power, is the light still on? Need a lot more info.

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Never mind. i turned it on and off and they work.
My MacBook’s internal speakers.
Nothing else happened and it worked perfectly (besides the sound).
My volume was up all the way and then I heard 2 popping sounds turned down the volume one and it popped and stopped working.

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Macs have an inbuilt signal limiter built in so that if there is a sudden spike in a loud noise it will automatically quieten it down so that it doesn’t burst you eardrums. This may be part of the problem, or it may not be. Just a stab in the dark I guess.

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