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Can I post some of my parodies on some songs on Fluther? If so, where exactly? I can't do that as a question.

Asked by AhYem (348points) December 27th, 2022

I’m talking about some famous songs that I have made parodies of, such as ‘Hotel California’. My parody to that song is called ‘Hotel Phantasmagoria’ and is a criticism addressing my native country North Macedonia. But as you know, that song has a long text, and I don’t know if I can place it all in the details to a question of mine. So, is there a place here where I can share with you those parodies of mine, just for fun?

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This is a Question and Answer site not a parody song site !

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You could ask, “Do you have any personal parody versions of songs you’d like to share?” in the Social section, and then answer your own question with your own offerings.

Do one song per answer.

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I think there must be other sites that are much better suited to that sort of post than this one is. Maybe you’d do best to post links.

Before you go to the trouble of doing that, though, you might post a question that asks whether users here would be interested in seeing your lyrics.

Speaking as a an American living in California, I’ve never heard of that song, sorry.

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@Jeruba You’ve never heard of Hotel California? I honestly didn’t think there was anyone over 50 who could hear and had access to a radio who’s never heard of it. Didn’t listen to rock, I’m guessing.

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Anyway, @AhYem after all this discussion around the topic, I really am interested in seeing your version. Would you please post it here? I hope the mods will allow it.

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@Jeruba: I think when you hear the song “Hotel California” you will definitely recognize it.

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Make a youtube channel and do it there. Or do it on TikTok.

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Fun fact. Hotel California is based upon a chord structure of Jethro Tull’s We Used to Know.

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The Eagles never stayed in the hotel called Hotel California in Baja Mexico !

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