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Do all brown raisins have the same flavor?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12088points) December 29th, 2022 from iPhone

Generally, I think typical brown raisins all have a juicy brown sugar taste.

This week I got some raisins that are much fruitier. They taste more like fruit roll-ups.

Are basic brown raisins known to have varied flavor season to season, or depending on the grower?

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Grapes are made from raisins & the flavor of the raisin can vary greatly. I believe that there are only about 6 different varieties of grapes that are used to make raisins. There are several different methods of turning grapes into raisins. The way the grapes are dried can make a big difference in the results. Every brand of raisin has their own method of drying their grapes. So, even IF 2 different brands use the same variety, but use different drying methods, you can get a completely different flavor of raisin. It all comes down to the technique used!!! In many cases, they taste different because a completely different variety of grape is used to begin with.

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They do not all have the same flavor.

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@LadyMarissa Raisins are made from grapes, but I figure you knew that…

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@kritiper Yes, I know. Just chalk it up to a brain fart. By the time I caught it, it was too late to edit. Life is way too short to sweat the petty stuff, so I continued on with my life!!! Thanks for the nudge!!!

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