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Autumn or spring?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) September 21st, 2008

fall for some reason tends to be the month i always look forward to. something about cool nights and brisk mornings, wood-burning fireplaces and comfort food. i just get mushy. are you a spring chicken or do you fall for cold weather? autumn starts monday at 1044 hours CST. what’s your fave season? why?

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I love the fall, especially when the leaves turn all those wonderful colors in VT, NH & ME.

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Honestly, I just like having all four seasons. I like the cyles. I look forward to and cherish parts of each of them….......

(i.e. I couldn’t live somewhere that didn’t have “fall colors” or snow…..)

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Doesn’t autumn encompass three months -winter solstice is c. Dec. 21? I enjoy both seasons. They are lovely here (in NYS).

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Autumn. :)

In Virginia we have Skyline Drive. It’s beautiful. I go every year.

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i just cannot do warm weather, green grass and christmas.

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@charlie. I agree. That is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

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@snoopy: BIG LOL! u feel me?

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@charlie….I will say…I have a good friend in FLA. He sent me a really cool Christmas card one year. A palm tree w/ Christmas lights on it…..

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@snoopy: that is the worst. but i guess i could learn to like it. i happen to adore florida actually. but i dont know if i could enjoy christmas there.

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You guys have no idea how many plastic flamingos and dolphins wearing elf ears and Santa hats in front of trailers with spray on window snow I endured while living in Florida.

It made me psychotic every Christmas. Now, Christmas is done right damn it. With real snow, and a turkey and a ham, and a freaking evergreen. And my family at this point, doesn’t even try to argue.

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@asmonet. u r funny!

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evergreens rule.

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@Charlie: Thanks! :D

You have no idea how serious I am about Christmas though. I once refused to speak to my family for 3 days because I was promised decorating privileges on the tree. It had silver, cream and gold colored ribbons flowing over it, a bright gold star and baubles of every variation of those colors with every present in the same color scheme and wrapped like a Martha Stewart came to call. It was glorious.

And then my sister added pipe cleaner candy canes.

Oh fuck no.

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you are a riot! i am adding you to my homey category post-haste!

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Wow asmonet! Do you wanna come to my house and decorate the tree?! Have at it sister! (I would make tea) I LOVE looking at the tree…..but putting up the tree and the taking down of the tree sucks. Alot.

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@Charlie: Word. Reciprocated.
One the fourth day, I chose to speak.
“Those come down, NOW.”
I haven’t seen them since. Lesson learned on their part methinks.

@Snoopy: Haha, you don’t know how tempting those kind of offers are, plus tea?! Fo’ sho’. I put an entire day aside, with a gallon of eggnog, a gallon of hot cider on low on the stove and White Christmas in the DVD player whenever I’m decorating a tree either at my house or for a friend. they usually stay up well into february, I don’t have the heart to send them off and neither do my friends. I usually spend about $200 per tree I do every year. No fakes, and no plastic ornaments allowed.

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i love real christmas trees in the house as opposed to fake. all my nature days as a boy scout contributed to that. the fam talks about me, but i drag them out in the cold to get that perfect tree. nobody has regrets once it’s all hooked up.

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@Charlie: I loooove cutting down my own tree. I like to pretend I’m a frontierswoman. Then again, I have a habit of playing pretend well past childhood.

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i just went out this weekend to get a half face cord of some good fruit wood. i cannot wait to get it going in my fireplace. i cook with it and burn it on the hearth. absolutely love autumn and winter!

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Spring has it’s appeal – new growth, new life, a welcome warming after the trials of wintertime. But autumn gets my vote for favorite season. There’s an urgency to fall, that last opportunity to take care of business before winter sets in. The beauty seems more fleeting, more transient, and all the more stunning because of it. The sights, smells, and tastes linger in the memory. How many visceral memories are tied to the smell of leaves burning, pumpkin pies baking, apple cider, funnel cake at the state fair? How many of those scents take us all the way back to childhood?

Fall is when I insist on time to myself to go camping, to travel, to work in the yard. I celebrate this time of year with great relish.

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@syz: i totally agree. there is no smell like autumn. i feel all that you enjoy about the season. leaves burning? omigod, the most best greatest fragrance this side of heaven.

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I miss them both. Here in Orlando we have two seasons, wet and dry also known as bearable and unbearable. Luckily, we are now going into bearable. I spent several weeks of spring elsewhere this year and loved it. Now that football is here, I am thinking about all the glorious joys of fall, which I will not experience. Fires, crisp mornings, snuggle-under-the-covers nights, crunchy leaves.


I miss the normal four seasons. I like them all and I like that they change.

Hey, Charlie! BTW, For the first three years I lived here I could not even do Christmas. Last year, I did my decorating (still no tree—except my potted Norfolk pine that I can bring in a few days) this past year in blue and silver (and it was minimal). It still seems an abomination to do the traditional red and green. My ornament collections awaits my return to a “normal” place.

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How about that satisfactory crunch underfoot?

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I’ve always loved Fall. Especially when there has been a great, and enough, summer.

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Fall for me! Spring can be rainy here! I love it when it is chilly and yet it is very sunny and warmer the latter part of the day.

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Autumn! :0)

I love the colors of the leaves, the smell of the air, especially when people have fires in their fireplaces. Love hot apple cider, fall festivals, hay rides, apple picking (which we did today), high school football, band competitions, and putting on a sweater to keep away the chill. Autumn is awesome!

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@autumn. I discovered the wonder that is cashmere last year. Yummy!

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And don’t forget the slanted light at sunset. Here it slides across the pond and illuminates the trees almost horizontally. The shadows seem to elongate almost overnight.

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Autumn and Winter are Awexome!

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it’s a tough call for me. i love fall – snuggly, chilly, corderoy, spicy candles, pumpkins, apples pies, christmas is coming, all that stuff. then again, spring – after a tough winter, looking forward to wearing a light jacket, warm sun on your face, seeing the end of gray piles of snow in parking lots, easter, bunnies, chicks, days getting warmer and warmer. i think i like fall better but spring has it’s own charms, too.

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Fall is the best. Its still warm, but not ridiculously hot like summer, but still not freezing cold like winter. You can wear a tshirt still or a hoodie and your not hot or cold. Spring is the same way, but it sucks because of all the allergens in the air. Fall, everythings just dead so no allergies. YAY

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It’s pretty much always the same here. Autumn tends to be hot, in the spring the nights get cool.

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Autumn. Hoodies. Haunted houses. Halloween. Falling leaves. I love it.

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As far as seasons go, fall is the one. All the reasons already mentioned make early fall my favorite stretch of time all year. However, late fall brings a sense of melancholy with it…the ever increasing darkness; winter’s cold, gray days; the sense of time passing too quickly as another year-end looms.
My favorite day in any year belongs to spring. The first day that I can “feel” spring in the air and see that lovely shade of new green that exists at no other time brings me more joy than words can express.

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