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Why is there so much Hate?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 21st, 2008

I don’t understand.
Is it just ignorance?

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It is usually a reflection of hurt.

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Windex; Can you be more specific? Hatred here on Fluther, in the country, in the world?

Do you differentiate between anger and hatred?

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I see hate in the news, but I seldom, if ever, encounter hate in my life. Hate is a useless emotion.

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I don’t think people hate out of ignorance. In fact, the worst kinds of hatred are manifest by people who aren’t ignorant of what they’re hating. I wonder if hate has its roots in self interest. When a person hates another, he/she desires the demise of the other. The more intense the desire for the other’s demise, the worse the hatred becomes until the hater desires to exterminate the hated. Love, on the other hand, seems to have its roots in the inverse: desiring the happiness and continued joy of the other. The more intense the desire for the other’s happiness, the better the love is until the lover desires continued life with the loved. This isn’t confined only to romance; I truly desire to have an eternal life with my 2-year-old son because I love him so much, as well as with many other close family members and friends, though I only feel romantic love for my wife.

I believe there is so much hate in the world because there is an increasing number of individuals who only pursue their own self-interest, regardless of any thought for the happiness and well-being of others.

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Dream of a Ridiculous Man comes to mind as a fascinating look into why hatred exists in terms of self-interest and how hatred on a global scale could be eradicated.

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This should help you, when a person hates another…it doesn’t have anything to do with the person you are…I don’t understand hate myself…I’ve never truely hated anyone, it only hurts the person who hates…because the person they hate can’t feel it, the stress, the turmoil, the time consuming thoughts, that they feel.

this link..2knowmyself…may help you to understand it better.

Hatred and Insecurity
Do you know that feeling insecure may be the reason that a particular person hates you? In many cases, hatred is the result of perceiving the other person as a threat; think of an employee’s hatred of his highly skilled colleague which will usually be the result of feeling that his colleague acts as a threat to his chances of advancement. You can apply this rule to almost all situations where hatred is found; that means that a person hates you because he sees you as a threat to his happiness, to his self confidence, or as a barrier to achieving his ambitions.

Consequently, if someone hates you then this doesn’t mean that you are worthless at all, on the contrary, it means that you have a big impact on this person’s life. If that person was confident enough, he would have been sure that you can’t affect his sense of wellbeing and so wouldn’t have hated you.

Hatred and Jealousy
Another strong reason for hatred is jealousy. Achieved too much or succeeding in doing what another person failed to do may cause him/her to hate you for it. Whether it was a career-related achievement or a social one, the result will be the same: this person will hate you just because he feels jealous of your success. Again, this is rooted to his lack of self-confidence, since if he was sure that he could achieve those same things, he wouldn’t have felt jealous and so his reaction would’ve been totally different.

Hatred and Conflicts of Interest
If your interests directly conflict with the interests of the other person, it can be one more cause for him to hate you. But do all people with conflicting interests hate each other? Of course not! Only those who lack confidence in their abilities hate rivals or competitors. If they were sure that their interests cannot be threatened, they would consider any rival with similar goals unimportant and so they wouldn’t have hated him.

Hatred and Ignoring the Person
One reason that can make someone hate you is ignoring that person. By ignoring someone who is in need of social approval, he will hate you for your lack of attention to him/her. Such a person is not only in a weak position, he also lacks the self-confidence that would convince him that he doesn’t need others’ approval to be socially accepted.

What a Pity
Not everyone subjected to the same situations ends up hating others; it’s usually people who have been hated before and feel insecure and lacking in confidence because of it. These people hate you because of their own weaknesses and if I were you I would feel nothing but pity for their narrow-minded way of thinking.

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hate stems from ignorance. when we educate ourselves and study histories of those we see and live with, brown black yellow or white, we gain understanding of cultures and belief systems. when we “understand” people’s backgrounds and cultures, we are not prejudiced.

if you teach hate and opposition in your home, then hate is perpetuated. stress reading and understanding at home and hate will subside.

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I also think that ignorance is a big part of hatred. The other big part is fear. Much hatred is fear-based. People fear what they do not know. That is how fear and ignorance result in hatred.

That is one of the reasons that education is so vital.

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Bad parenting. Fear.

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@ marina: exactly my point my fellow flutherite…

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The simple answer is that there is so much hate, because there is not enough LOVE to overcome it.

Love can destroy hate, if there is enough of it.

It is EASY to hate your enemies, but so difficult to LOVE them.

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It’s because of sin, honey. Get used to it.

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Hate is a product of hurt that has not been dealt with properly.

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“Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.”


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The term “hate” has lost all meaning. People use it is too haphazardly.

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I disagree.

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I disagree as well.


•feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone) : the boys hate | he was particularly hated by the extreme right.

• have a strong aversion to (something) : he hates flying | [with infinitive ] I’d hate to live there.

• [with infinitive ] used politely to express one’s regret or embarrassment at doing something : I hate to bother you.

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Is there, now? There is actually a lot of love. Maybe even more love than hate. Just look at the positive.

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Fear and Ignorance.

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We don’t allow our kids to use the word “hate”, not even for things like food. As they get older they will start to use it but we want them to learn that it is a very strong word to throw around.

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@Bri; OK. I dislike lima beans strongly (violently, powerfully, ubermatmanly).

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@ Gail – Hehe. That was our loop hole as well. “I dislike my brother with all my heart and soal!” hehe.

It did force us to be creative with our vocabulary.

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