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Do Artists usually put all their lyrics in the CD Cover/Booklet?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 21st, 2008

How common is it for a musician to put all the lyrics for all the songs in the cd booklet?

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Depends on the musician, some do it on every release, some don’t. Also depends on who is publishing it and the cost involved. I find that most of my cd’s come with full booklets for better known bands, smaller acts don’t get that much funding, which plays a part.

Considering there are fewer stars than there are strugglers in music, I would have to assume it’s more common for their not to be overall. Based on cost.

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I mostly listen to punk/indie and I find that most do include the lyrics.

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@JP: Usually I find that those genre’s are very much into fan service and do put a lot of effort into their stuff. I just did a quick spot check, every indie cd I ganked off my shelf has lyrics.

Maybe it has something to do with the vibe in those circles.

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Mosts cd inserts that I’ve seen do have lyrics, but I think all artists definitaly should put them.
Some lyrics you just can’t find on the internet, or different websites have the wrong ones and it can just be a mess. I hate to listen to catchy songs and not be able to sing along.

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