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Why won't iTunes download album art?

Asked by gsiener (454points) September 21st, 2008

For a bunch of the albums I have, I’ll visit the iTunes store and see the album w/ cover. When I choose to “Download Album Art” for a song/album, it doesn’t work.

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It can be pretty picky. I have heard that making sure the genra is the same can help.

I personally just grab the art from Amazon. Pick a album and do a select all and drag over the image.

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Make sure the album doesn’t have spaces following of before it in the info or that every bit of punctuation is the same. Sometimes that’s the problem. :)

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Some things to consider:

1. Are you connected to the iTunes store (sometimes opening it first and then making a request for Album Art works)?
2. Is the Album correctly named?
3. Is the album actually available on iTunes?

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When correcting info of songs, I often use the iTs as a reference. This way, I know that I am getting what will trigger the art downloads. If it comes to it, you may have to clear all of the info and start over.

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Good advice the genre. I also found that matching the album name helped (sometimes).

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