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Digital SLR bag for snowboarding?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) September 21st, 2008

I’m interested in taking my 30d on the mountain this year. Are there any good bags for this type of camera transportation? And would you suggest keeping the body and lens detached while in the bag?.. I’m kind of worried about falling and breaking it.

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I absolutely do not reccomend detatching the lens. There is way more risk. I do have a front facing baby pouch that I fill with blankets. And then I put my jacket around the pouch.

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Online I have found hard cases for certain brands. Check out b&h

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Good question, I’m also concerned about taking my K10D on my coming winters holidays, I already got a bag, (not a hard case, soft one), but I think you should carry your dslr at your breast level, because personally, I do not fall on my breast while snowboarding, or at least it’s easier to prevent the fall with your arm in front of you than falling on your back.

And I also think you should let the lens attached, even if this one is a 300mm.

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