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Do you still ride your bicycle?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) January 15th, 2023

I love my sixthreezero, I ride it when the weather is nice. I do need to be careful but I know that.

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Of course! I hope I never stop. I like to take my older dog for a run. He loves the exercise, and it’s fun for me, too, especially when I can listen to music while I ride.

I live in a hilly place though, so it’s tricky. I can get away from my house just fine, it’s downhill to a long and well-maintained bike path that takes me basically everywhere I want to go. But to get home, I have to walk the last ten minutes to get up the hill, pushing my bike. I just can’t do it otherwise. Gravity is too strong.

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Trek FX 21.

NO electric assist – but I did take the streamers off the handlebars.

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^What about the horn? Did you leave that on?

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Not SUPER lately, but sometimes, yeah. The problem is that the place I WANT to ride it is just far enough away, and just far enough uphill, that if I ride my bike to that trail…I’m worn out by the time I arrive. And I don’t want to take the wheel off and reassemble after driving there. So I end up just driving to the trail and then walking.

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Haven’t had a bike in years.

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Yes, I still cycle a lot especially in summer. I have a “Flying Scot” model that I bought second hand many years ago.

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I have several I still ride. A proper mountain bike for the trails, a road bike for the pavement and a tandem for the wife and I. I actually installed bells on all of them because it’s a polite way to tell people to get the F out of your way.

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@chyna – I am the horn.

Ask anyone who’s heard me yell GETTHEHELLOUTTAMYWAY ;)

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I haven’t been riding lately from all the snow.

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Once in a while. Usually on weekends in spring/summer for exercise. I don’t like riding on roads, but I like the exercise out on the riding trials.

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