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Do you do this odd behavior when searching online?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23790points) January 17th, 2023

Sometimes I scroll down to the bottom and search up when searching an online menu or list.

Do you do this too?
Humor welcome.

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No, I read search results from the top down. However, I will read the list of possible places to get information randomly: read the name of the first place to possibly check and then skip down 3 or 4 and read that place’s name and then up 1 and then down 4, etc.

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Yes, I do sometimes. I don’t know why.

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Yup, occasionally.

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If it’s a site like Google that lists advertised results first, I usually skip past those. Sometimes I skip down further, too, particularly when the first things are not really the kinds of matches I was looking for.

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No, I haven’t tried your preferred way of searching; however, after noticing that Google has way too many ads, I used to skip over the ads to get to the REAL results. Then I noticed that I was getting completely different results than my BFF on the exact same search criteria. Once I realized how frustrating Google is, I switched to Duckduckgo as my search engine & I find that I get a BETTER variety of results. PLUS…DDG doesn’t track & report my searches. Normally, I do glance down the page to see which links look more interesting no matter which search engine I use!!!

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I typically jump past the first 3— because they are either amazon or ad based results.

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I’m with @LadyMarissa Google does enough spying already on my phone. So when I can I use that Duck go thing. lol

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