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Getting obsessed with walking and don't even want to sit for a minute, I need serious advise please?

Asked by Kitter (16points) 2 weeks ago

On a daily basis I walk a bare minimum of 45k steps a day and I never sit even for a short second and now the step count is becoming worse, I’m an anorexic in recovery and I know doing this really slows down my weight gain, I want to gain weight fast but I really can’t get rid of the obsessive walking. I’ve read articles that sitting too long leads to muscle loss and weaknesses and I’m just scared of that. Please, any tips on how to get rid of these thoughts? I can’t continue doing this for long I’m so desperate for help I can’t do this on my own

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You need to talk to a doctor about your anxiety.

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See a doctor for help.

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Too much of anything is bad.

You are smart to be able to see that you have a problem and you seem to understand your problem. That’s the first step in solving your problem. Now you need to make a goal and a plan to reach your goal. Seeking professional (medical doctors and physical therapy experts) help is a good idea.

For 4 decades I was into long distance running and racing. It damaged my heart (causing atrial fibrillation). I had no idea that I was hurting my heart with extreme running. After I was brought to my knees with a-fib I learned that I had to stop running. That was very hard. I missed racing full marathons and triathlons so much. But I just walked away from long distance running. I took up canoe paddling (low impact and easy on an aging body).

I also suffer from anxiety. My doctor prescribed Lorazapam but I refused to take it.

Good health to you.

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x3 on ‘see your doctor’. Don’t be relying on anonymous internet forums for your health or finances.

That said, I would say that the claim that sitting too long leading to muscle loss…the phrase ‘too long’ is doing ALOT of heavy lifting in that sentence. They’re talking about people who sit ALOT. Your body is adaptive and will seek to balance the amount of muscle you have to the needs of your lifestyle, so if you’re not using it, your body tries to get rid of it because it consumes energy even at rest.

But if you’re worried about muscles atrophying you’re talking about a SUBSTANTIALLY sedentary lifestyle. I’m a pretty lazy and sedentary person….and I’ve NO ISSUES getting up and walking around and so forth. You definitely DO NOT have to walk CONSTANTLY in order to prevent atrophy. That’s nonsensical. The fear of atrophy in your muscles is something EXTREME cases have to worry about.

Try this – get a stopwatch. Sit down and engage in some calm activity – read a book or news article or something. Stay calm and enjoy the activity as much as you can. Don’t watch the stopwatch. When you get anxious and have to stand, click off the stopwatch. Next time, do that again, but just a bit longer. Extend your time very slightly each time. Adjust gradually.

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Medical Doctor or a Therapist Should be your next stop.

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18 to 21 miles a day is too much, see a professional to help with your anxiety.

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Definitely seek medical advice.

In addition, I am going to propose something you can do in the meantime. Posing your question is a good first step, not so much for the advice that we may give, but because it opens up a dialog with yourself. You really need to get in touch with your inner self. Start a journal and talk about your anxieties and how you handle them. The formatting of the entries is up to you, but make a point of adding an entry every day, even if it is just to say that you have nothing to talk about.

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You need professional help.

Anorexia can become fatal as I’m sure you’re aware. It would be irresponsible of us to try to treat something this serious over the internet when none of us are qualified to do so or have any understanding of important details. What you’re describing sounds pretty extreme/serious to me. I wish you the very best in finding help, and I welcome you to Fluther. I hope you stick around.

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I just got home from school and I see this. You are walking at least 5 hours and 20 miles each day. This is far too much, but I don’t have to tell you that. I too have had this same illness and still I struggle with it BUT I have been able to manage with help from my family AND professional’s that will help you too.

Just yesterday at my gym, I wanted to keep going on the treadmill even though I had gone for over an hour. I had so much energy and I wasn’t at all tired I wanted to go for a few more miles and then a few more etc. BUT I stopped because I had the help I needed before that told me to watch out for such things and to know when enough is enough.

You need to seek professional help and this is coming from someone who KNOWS what you are going though! If you want any more information please PM me here, I will be more than happy to tell you as much as I can. I want you to find the help you desperately need (like I did) your life is at stake.

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You need to view the excessive exercise as part of the anorexia because it is. You are no where near the amount of seat time that compromises muscle strength. Strength training builds in periods of rest for the muscles to rebound.

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