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Do you change the channel on television, or radio, or social media when they give a warning message? (Possibly NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) January 18th, 2023

For graphic content?

I do now and most of my anxiety afterwards is gone. Do you?

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Nope, I love graphic content. Horror movies….yessss.

I know some music has ratings, but do they actually warn you on the radio station? or do they just not play that music?

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I research the movie or whatever. If I like the plot, I might go ahead and watch it anyway.

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I figure the warnings are for families with kids.

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No. Usually the warnings are BS. I don’t watch TV with channels. The things that bug me on radio, they don’t warn about (e.g. rural “Christian” radio).

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No, I just shout “Hey kids, wanna see something cool?”

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Nope. Those warnings are just for legal cover.

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Warning: My answer is rated the following
D – Sexual or suggestive dialogue (not used with the TV-MA rating)
L – Coarse or crude language
S – Sexual situations
V – Violence
FV – Fantasy violence

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No. Only adults here.

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Never but my favorite warning is ‘historical smoking.’

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If it’s unexpected I will tend to get a little apprehensive and kinda an “on guard” sense about me. It also depends on what the rating is.

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@all I mean when watching the news. I turn the channel for 2 minutes after a warning from the news anchor.

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Well that’s a different question.

I rarely watch news, but yes, I would.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I always watch news item’s like the George Floyd video’s. I feel obligated to educate myself by watching.

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I only change the channel if the warning isn’t strong enough.

If the warning is something like, “Not recommended for children under 13”, then I’ll search for a channel with a stronger warning like, “Horribly disgusting content; not recommended for anyone!”. ;p

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